Before becoming your cuckold, this was something that was absolutely taboo and off limits for all of our years together.  

You even said that you have never and would never allow yourself to be a cuckold.  Well that all changed in about two minutes. Mark began to rock his hips and finally let go.  His huge load hit your lips, eyes, and cheeks and basically covered your face. I leaned up to get a better look at what just happened and you were licking your lips.  

You finally ate cum, but it wasn’t mine.  You grabbed my head and pulled it close to yours and began to kiss me.  The first kisses I experienced all evening. They were enjoyable but the cum was different.  I have never even tasted my own cum let alone someone else’s cum. Licking your face clean was my job as your cuckold.  Lapping up his cum and just the sensation of pulling it off your face and having it stick to my tongue was too much.

I think I found something else this cuckold likes to do

Each sticky strand I scooped up seemed to bring a smile to your face.  That milky white hot cum was now sliding down my throat and I think I found something else this cuckold likes to do.  The one thing that would finish this off is if I were allowed to cum myself. This cock cage has made it impossible to even touch myself and my discomfort was obvious.  

This you proceeded to say, was part of my service to you as your obedient cuckold.  If I were allowed to touch myself it would only take away from my concentration on you.  I reluctantly agreed and moved off the bed back to my place in the corner.

We repeated this game a few times over the next few weeks but then she stepped it up.  I will have to pass on my memory of that but at a later date. I am still enjoying my new place as your cuckold in this relationship, seeing my wife pleased by another man and of course the new taste in my mouth!  



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