WANTED: Alpha Male

Do you consider yourself and Alpha Male?

My definition: A man who succeeds in all he does, a man whom all other men strive to be, the “leader” of the pack. The total package, great looking, intelligent,funny, physically appealing, successful, sexy, wanted/sought after by many women. An Alpha male is never a quitter, he is confident and persistent and strives to be the best in EVERYTHING he is and does. Although stubborn and demanding, an alpha male knows his worth, understands his wants and desires and will worked hard to see that they are fulfilled, no matter the means.

An alpha male knows exactly how to please a woman, and often searches the opposite sex to find someone whom he thinks is equivalent to his status. Beautiful, successful, sex driven and envied among other women.

When an alpha male seduces, he does so with a passion that could light a million burning fires. Alphas also have “above” average size cocks, and a set of BIG balls to support them.

My my MY…

I think of myself with this type of man and I am so incredibly aroused. I have been with Alpha Males before, and I can tell you from a personal stand point the sex is nothing short of AMAZING.. The stamina- impeccable and the orgasm – EARTH SHATTERING.

Nothing is more sexy to us women, than confidence. A Man who knows exactly what he wants, how he wants it, and is willing to do whatever he has to to achieve getting it. Meaning, if an alpha male wanted to fuck a hot little blonde, with huge tits and a curvy waist… he would notice that she works out everyday and he would compliment her on her body… An alpha male would groom his conquest until he dove in for the kill.

Pride is a big factor, finally getting the girl would cause those big full balls to swell, and he would spend a lot of time catering to his likeness of the female sex, because he plans to fuck her… over and over again.


Are you an Alpha Male?

Would you like to become one?

Know what you want, how you want it?

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