As soon as I saw Todd at a club, I knew I wanted him to be mine. After a few drinks I got enough balls to go over and talk to him. We hit it off and a few days later went out on our first date. He was great – tall, dark and super handsome – he was the perfect guy in my eyes! We started hanging out a bit more over the next few weeks and about two months later, we became official.
As we were learning about each other and what we liked in bed (just for the record, he’s was amazing in bed and made me cum every time we fucked, and I didn’t have to fake it!), we started to get more comfortable with each other and started really opening up sexually. I told him how I loved it up the ass and enjoyed when he came on my breasts. As soon as I said that, we went right to bed and I got to enjoy myself to the max.
But as we were lying in bed after our sex session, Todd came out and admitted that he actually doesn’t mind if his girlfriends fucked other guys. In fact, he said it turned him on and he wanted to share me with someone else. He also divulged that he liked to lick me clean after having another man’s cock in me and that he really wanted to watch me with other guys. And if I did it, he’d reward me with things like clothes and purses.
I wasn’t sure how to feel about this, but I said hell with it – if I’d get to have more orgasms and get a gift out of it, I’d do it, so I immediately agreed to his request. The next night we went out in search of a third partner in bed. He wanted to choose the guy, but I said no way, I was calling the shots if we were going through with this. He protested at first, but I didn’t budge and demanded that he let me choose the guy.
After what seemed like forever, we found the perfect guy. He sort of looked like Todd, but instead of black hair he had dirty blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes that I couldn’t resist. I knew he was the one and went and made my move. I chatted him up at the bar while Todd looked on, and I even flirted and touched him a bit to see if Todd would do anything. He just gave me that look like, “Go ahead and do it already!”
When I felt he was ready for anything, I told him about my proposition and how Todd just wanted to watch me fuck him. The guy (whose name was Kevin) was shocked at first but readily agreed to meet us back at Todd’s place in an hour.
Todd and I left, and we went back to his place to wait for our guest. We thought that Kevin wouldn’t show after an hour had gone by and lost hopped. But then twenty after, the doorbell rang and Kevin was standing behind the door. My heart began to race as I opened the door and immediately grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. Todd was just standing behind me grabbing my ass. I walked Kevin in to the house and went straight for the bedroom, and as I did I started undressing him and kept grabbing his cock. Todd followed with a drink in hand and sat at the chair at the end of the bed.
With Kevin almost naked, it was time to undress myself and Kevin kept kissing my entire body as I did it. When I was done, I grabbed Kevin’s hand and made him finger me as I starred into Todd’s eye. He grabbed his cock and started to rub it over his pants. I then pushed Kevin’s head down to my already wet pussy and had him go down on me as I touched my own tits. Todd started to unbuckle his pants, but I told him to keep them on. Then as I came thanks to Kevin’s amazing tongue moves, Todd said he wanted to stick his dick in my mouth while Kevin fucked me. I told him no and demanded that he only watch. He was going to get to lick me clean after.
Kevin then picked up and I straddled him as he fucked me hard. I was still starring at Todd and started to moan Kevin’s name. Todd looked at me with passion in his eyes and you could tell he wanted to get in on all the fun, but I just shook my head no. At that moment I told Kevin I wanted it up the ass and got on all fours, facing Todd. As I was getting rammed from behind, I put out my hand and started to unbuckle Todd’s pants and slipped my hands on his hard cock. I started to jack him off, but quickly stopped to bang myself and put my finger in Todd’s mouth after a few moments. Kevin was still busy at my behind and he was on the verge of coming.
When he finally did, he went the restroom to wipe off and I told Todd to come and lick me clean. He started at my pussy and ended at my ass. I then told him to fuck me too, while Kevin watched this time. After the night of passion was over, we got Kevin’s contact information and said we’d definitely get together with him soon and he readily agreed.
Let’s just say it was the best night I’ve ever had sexually and I got a Chanel handbag the next day for my naughty deed. I’m so happy that Todd is open to new things because I loved it!


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