Now everybody sing, “someone’s in the kitchen with Genie, someone’s in the kitchen I know oh oh oh, someone’s in the kitchen with Genie fucking in her tight asshole”. lol Ha ha ha.

Well, that’s my version of the song. Hell, Miss Dinah might have been “strumming on the ole’ banjo” but Miss Genie sees other uses for the kitchen. Now, don’t get me wrong, Momma Genie loves to cook in the kitchen. I’m a real good cook, honey. I like to cook hot, greasy, deep fried southern dishes and rich, creamy, sticky desserts. But there’s something about cooking that makes me feel real sexy. When I’m stirring my batter for a chocolate cake I have to taste it. I have to lick my finger with that chocolate goo and say, “Mmm…mmm….good.” Now when I lick my finger I can’t help but think about licking and sucking a nice hard cock. Mmmm, and when I think about sucking cock my pussy gets so wet. And when my pussy gets wet I just have to stick something in there so that  I can cream myself. First I stick one finger in…ooh that feels good. Now I think I need two fingers….mmm yum. Oh one more finger stirring in my pussy….now that’s three…ooh wee wee. I’m masturbating in the kitchen all alone.

Fuck me lover
Fuck me lover


Wait a minute. Is that you, Lover, walking in on me masturbating in the kitchen? Is your cock as  hard as rock watching me finger my pussy and see my creamy cum streaming down my thigh? Do you like how wet my pussy is?  Do you want to taste it? Do you like me in this position? Do you know how much kinky fun we can have in Momma Genie’s kitchen? Well, I do.

Come on baby, momma is ready for you. Slide that rock hard cock all the way in and ram it in hard because I want you to FUCK ME IN THE KITCHEN.  Stir that cock around and around in my tight wet pussy. Turn me over and punish Momma’s ass. Put that fat, long cock between momma’s 44 DD melons and ram it hard, baby, so I can suck it til you squirt all that creamy cum on momma’s fat titties and watch me lick it up with my long wet tongue.

Cum on, lover. Let’s get greasy in Momma Gene’s kitchen.  MMmm…mmm….mmmm……finger licking GOOD!


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