So lately I found myself thinking about being impregnated and having the perfect baby. I recently hooked up with one of my guys that I have not seen in forever. He has the most sexiest blue eyes and it got me thinking about how his jeans and my jeans would make a really sexy baby. So over the course of the last week I’ve found myself thinking about all the guys that I fuck and wondering what each and every one of my kids would look like with them. I’ve narrowed it down to my top three choices.

My first choice his name is Dan and what I like to call a Italian stallion I would absolutely love to have a baby with him. Dan has dark features which I then naturally olives hand skin he has and Dan has a massive clock to boot that’s why he’s my stallion. By the problem with getting pregnant with Dan’s baby is Dan girlfriend is my cousins girlfriends sister. (Small world isn’t it?) So there’s a good chance that I Dan’s girlfriend would figure it out as soon as he saw my baby by me and Dan have been fucking around. Do you think that I should give into temptation? Run the risk of Dan’s girlfriend finding out about us?

My next choice is actually my older brother. I  know that I shouldn’t be keeping it in the family but my older brother is soo fucking hot and he fucks me sooo good! I know me and him would have the most beautiful child together. I mean we both have perfect genes and my brother is such a good fuck! I’m truly considering commiting the ultimate taboo with him just so I have a piece of him no matter what! Would my parents ever figure it out? How will my brother handle it? All those thoughts and yet it doesn’t stop me from wanting his seed.

My last choice is actually Donte my BBC lover, Donte is strong and we’ve been hooking up one on one without his friend since our hot little 3some. The sex was too good not to go back for more and Dante was better looking then Foster. I love everything about him, but I especially love when he pounds me with that chocolate cock and fills me up with that baby batter of his. Out of all my options Dante has the best cock and I would love to have a little carmel colored child. My eyes, his mouth, and a head of wild curls. Mmm doesn’t it just sound so good?

The great thing about all my choices is they don’t have kids yet, I would be the first baby momma and thats what I want. I want to be number one no matter who I choose. Who do you think it should be? Dan? My brother? Dante?