If my daddy knew what sorts of things i’ve done since being out on my own and in college I think he’d be pretty upset or i’d be killed for it. Donte and Foster were both known for sharing whatever girl they set their eyes on. They were brothers 2 years apart in age and both were in college together. I was introduced to them at a black light party recently and they had decided I was their kinda white girl. So when they’re fraternity decided to throw a huge party I was invited.

I was 5 drinks in and really really feeling good, the vodka made me horny and left me feeling really good so when those two black studs pulled me onto the dance floor  I just couldn’t refuse. They started grinding on me, the feel of they’re hardening cocks surprised me. They were packing and neither one was playing coy about what they wanted. Foster was dancing behind me and had snaked a hand up my shirt starting to toy with my pretty little puffy nipples.

Donte hand trailed down under my skirt to slid inside my moistening pussy, I couldn’t believe no one could see what they were doing but the lights were pretty dim and everyone was already pretty buzzed. I leaned into Foster as a second finger was inserted inside of my pussy. Foster was kissing and nipping at my neck, his hot breath blowing against the shell of my ear “You never gonna forget us shortie” he promised me.

My body tensed and Foster covered my mouth muffling my cry as I was hit by a intense orgasm. Donte brought his wet fingers up to his mouth and licked them clean grinning at me. Before I knew it the boys at brought me over to the make shift bar to do 2 shots and then I was whisked off upstairs. They didn’t let me talk, they didn’t really give me time to do much just follow them into the room. I was stripped naked and tossed onto a bed to watch them quickly remove their clothes.

They’re cocks were hard and throbbing and in need of a tight orifice to bury into. Foster went towards my mouth while Donte knocked my legs apart and quickly lined himself up with my tight pussy. “Open up your gonna need this” Foster told me and I opened my mouth allowing his cock to slide in forcing my jaw to open as far as it would to take in the thick shaft. I instantly understood when Donte started sliding his cock in. My body squirming as he stuffed every single inch into my tight cunt.

Donte started ponding away at my cunt the pleasure was mind numbing, it was the best feeling being stuffed by such  a beautiful thick black cock in my tight white pussy. Foster slid his cock out of my mouth having my lick,suck, and massage his balls with my tongue. It wasn’t long before the 2 of them decided to switch positions and filled up my pussy and ass with their big meaty rods. It was 4 hours before I could pass out and the whole time they had me sucking,fucking, begging and being their cum loving bitch.


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