A findom fetish is my favorite kind of fetish.

It is a fetish that the finsub and I share. Don’t mistake my words, in no way is the finsub my equal, or anywhere close to the equivalent of a mosquito that lands on me. At least the mosquito got to make contact with my skin before I smacked it. Heaven forbid a finsub of mine that decides to touch me in any way that isn’t a brief kiss on the bottom of my feet with my permission. And he would have to really fucking earn it.

Once, I had this sub who thought that he would test me after I made him wear a rubber diaper. The pathetic loser made a noose for himself and strung it up. Then, standing on the chair with his arms bound, he began sobbing like the sad little piggy he was. He asked me if I would attend his funeral service, I told him no, of course. I would be too busy shopping with the cash from his safe that I had the code to. I made him give it to me a while back so that I could own all of his money and put him on a budget.

He dropped his chin.

He asked me if I would just leave his piss-covered body hanging in that rubber diaper. When I laughed at him, he started to try to kick the chair out from under himself. I shouted at him to stop and wait. I rummaged through his shirt pocket and pulled out his wallet. Emptying the contents into my hand, I tossed the empty wallet at him. Finally, I turned on my heel and told him to do what he must. I just left him there. Penniless, and worthless little piggy to me at that point. Read more of my blogs for humiliation phonesex.

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