I am the vore fetish Mistress from your wildest, most submissive piggie dreams.

Looking for a vore fetish Mistress whose appetite matches your desire to be eaten? I’m hungry. And you’re eager. Let’s get down to business: putting you in your cage and fattening you up. I know you’re hungry too.

I’m hungry for sweetbread. Sweetbreads are an organ gland from the thymus and pancreas. So much more useful than cock meat, which is basically over-glorified cartilage.

How do you prepare longpig sweetbreads? The first step is soaking to remove impurities. I can only hope that as my piggie dinner hopeful, you’ve been waxing and using chemical-free products for at least the last few years, if not your entire life. Are you a good little piggie? I can soak you in milk or even buttermilk. Do you need punishment or have more impurities than desirable? I can just soak you in cold water for a while first.

One of my favorite hogs/femcan fetish callers recently suggested that I cut off pieces of his fattened meat gradually so he can watch me and my pretty female cannibal ladyfriends enjoy every piece. What if I cut off your legs and arms piece by piece, soaking and blanching each limb in front of you before dinnertime? We’d at least get through four meals before you started to lose consciousness.

My favorite way to prepare longpig sweetbread: seared and deep fried.

Call it overkill if you will, but I love a deep fried hog. After being blanched and shocked in ice water, your any remaining tough membranes will be easy to remove from your piggie meat.

After blanching, I’ll put you in my restaurant grade, giant refrigerator with all the other hog meat pieces. Chilling before attempting to press into a “uniform” thickness is always best, with any kind of meat. And especially with a piggie like you.

My favorite kind of phone sex = taboo phone sex. “The more fucked up the better” is my motto. I love to hear things that no one should EVER do and act them out. Better yet, I love to role play fantasies that no one should even think. Your eagerness translates well to the plate.

I’ll slow roast you, spitroast you on hot coals to elongate your final sacrifice as long as possible.

Imagine the bliss you’ll feel as your piggie “consciousness” fades into servitude, dinnertime oblivion. I am so hungry. And you are so eager. Would you like to be the server and the dinner option at my exclusive restaurant, Chez Femcan? We serve (and you will serve) only the finest. It’s time for you to go on your reverse diet, to be fed in classic foie gras style of course. We can tie you up during feeding time if you prefer, either way, you’ll be sated. And so will I and all my beautiful, famished female dominant friends!

I want to eat. It’s fucking dinnertime. What are you waiting for? Your vore fetish Mistress is right here, and I have your dinner ready too. Chop chop (and/or OINK OINK), piggie! I’m starving! Get out of your head and onto my plate. My mouth is watering.

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