Thanksgiving just around the corner has me thinking about my taboo (and pet) fetish.

Some of my absolute FAVORITE fetish calls to receive are from my soon-to-be little TURKEYS: i.e., eager dinner hopefuls and fellow vore fantasy enthusiasts. I’m so hungry. Don’t you want to satisfy my femcan appetite?

Female cannibalism (a.k.a. “femcan”) is a highly taboo fantasy. It’s particularly sadistic (and/or, for my little turkeys in training, masochistic) and ultimately filed under “Snuff” in the (proverbial) list of weird fetishes. The DSM or other kinky folks say “weird,” I say “let’s get WEIRDER!” But to you, my little meat boy, I say “I’m STARVED.”

I’ll keep you locked in my basement, locked tight in your cage for months as I fatten you up and get you ready for your big day in the oven. Will I have to force you to overeat? Or will you gorge yourself all day, every day with joy in your submissive little turkey, piggie heart? Either way, we’re going to get the foie gras tube out for you. Even if you’re eating every bite just fine, it’s still just FUN to shove something down your (oh-so) hungry throat.

I love being your vore Mistress. And during our femdom phonesex role play, I am going to be RAVENOUS. My favorite meat boys are those who realize that being consumed by a beautiful woman like me doesn’t revolve around your cock, but your more appetizing cuts. Penises are basically just cartilage. So stringy. Bleh!! I’m hungrier for your breast meat. And those meaty appendages? Well, they WILL be FULLY developed when your strict un-diet regimen is cum-plete.

Your life’s purpose is to feed my insatiable femcan hunger.

Are you longing to find a REAL longpig fetishist to act our your “sickest” masturbation fantasies? I’m the no limits, no taboos phone sex humiliatrix you’ve prayed for. Call me, because I’m fucking FAMISHED!!!