I love weird fetishes, especially ones that are extra taboo.

What consists of counting, weird fetishes-wise? In my (not so humble) phone sex humiliatrix opinion: the weirder and more fucked up, the better!

The client I pray (to the phone sex goddesses) for are the ones who want me to say and/or role play things with them no one should ever say/do to another person. Ideally, a caller who wants me to say/do things to them no one should ever THINK, let alone think about saying/doing to/with another person!

Playing your cannibal Mistress is one of my taboo phone sex dream dates. I’m so hungry. You’re so useless other than as my dinner. Doesn’t it turn you on to know (and feel) how badly I want to devour your cock? I do. The difference is: I want to consume it, consume you . . . on a plate. And I’d like to do so with some elaborate gourmet preparation, and nutmeg. Maybe.

In our femdom phonesex role play world, I’ll play the proprietor of a popular upscale restaurant. Let’s say women take men there (or pretend to let men take them there) when their time has cum. Let’s say you’re our unsuspecting new menu item.

As you blather on about something else your “date” doesn’t care about, one of our servers will ask if you’d like a tour of the kitchen. Let’s say this appeals to your overall sense of entitlement and belief you deserve special treatment. Let’s say you follow her into the kitchen willingly.

Of course, you’ll emerge from the kitchen eventually. You’ll be spiced up, so to speak. And your date (and my other customers) will be eager to have you at (or “on,” rather!) their table. Isn’t being the center of attention and desired what you always wanted?

I’m hungry. Call me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke