Come Fuck The Voluptuous Witch

The sexy voluptuous witch is ready to fly
I reach for my big magic broomstick
The brittle bristles brush across my chubby clit
Giving me a rush of wet bliss
Holding tight to the long, stiff shaft
Hard to grip so thick and ridged
Slippery thrill imaging whats ahead
Under the bright full moon
Stiff broom between my legs stirs my pussy
Stimulating my wet folds but its not enough
I need more
When suddenly a stranger arrives in my woods
You wandered into my woods
Each step increases your desire
But you don’t know why
Your cock craves attention
Leaning against the tallest tree
Looking about at your surroundings
You thought that you were alone
Your left hand strokes your throbbing cock
When you spot my silhouette in the moonlight
You stand up straight with you cock still hanging free
I moved closer to you whispering in the wind
Making your cock throb a little more with each step
“Looks like I chose good night for a ride on my broomstick”
Dropping my broomstick to the ground
Moving closer you notice my naked body and giant tits
Standing silent in awe of my beauty
Outstretching my hand to your stiff cock
Letting out a pleasure filled moan you reach for my tits
Squeezing, massaging and pinching at my nipples
Pulling me closer to kiss and bite
The scent of my hungry pussy filling the air around us.
Turning us around pinning me against the tree
Taking control of the voluptuous witch
Take my juicy left thigh in your large hand
And wrap it around your waist
Slide your fleshy broomstick into my chubby pussy
And let me take it for a ride
Thrust in and out faster and deeper
Get your broomstick dripping wet with my juices and cum
Turn me around pull open my chubby ass cheeks
For my tight and sweet ass hole
Ram me hard and fast
Until the sun rises

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