When I started working as a fantasy peddling artist – hey you call it what YOU want ok – lol – I thought I was well-rounded.  Actually, I know I was. My teens spent working in lawyer offices, I had my share of business suits and the occasional delivery driver.  Nights in the office fucking on my bosses desk, cause I could, was a regular thing.  Lunch visits that ultimately turned into fingering and cock sucking sessions.  Then the script got flipped, I found myself in a new chapter. Stripping. Thrilling it was.  Cock and pussy, coke and whiskey.  Hotel rooms and money slipped into pockets for what I thought was good all American fun.  The course was already set.  Phonesex was mentioned several times due to my personality and sexy sounding voice.  Why not?

He was one of the first clients that sparked my curiosity of cum eating.  “Heaven, I want to lick your boyfriends jism out of your pussy.”  I must admit, in all my years of fucking, no one had ever said this to me.  No one.  At first I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach it. Was he just using my pussy as an excuse to suck cock unnoticed?  Was it going to turn into a regular forced cock sucking cum eating scene?  Only noticing me until the cock was presented? At the end of our first few calls I thought that may be the case.  He so eagerly agreed to suck cock if I wanted him to.  I found it funny and laughed.  Asking him how it tasted?  Peering at him from over my big, luscious tits, pinching my nipples as he so eagerly stuck his tongue into my freshly gapped hole.  Laughing at his sounds, grunting as he lapped it up.  He quickly hung up assuring me it was a good call.

As calls went by we became friends.  Not only did he eagerly beg to be my little cum eating slut but, he liked the look of soaked panties. But why? Previous girlfriend had encouraged him to lick her after they fucked.  He would talk about how much she loved it.  He could make her cum every time.  Tasting himself as she gushed into his mouth.  Loving the agonizing game of the tease.  Pushing wet panties against her pussy and telling him no.  Laughing as he begged.

Perhaps even, once she was gone, he fantasized about other women. Girls he noticed in his regular day-to-day life and would wonder, if under her skirt was damp panties and a pussy full of cum.  Did she get to cum as well? He even heard the sounds of disgust as he sheepishly admitted his desire to sniff panties, lick them and eat cum, not necessarily his own, just to lick her body.  He loves licking sticky panties and even the spatter of cum splashed across my enormous titties.  He never wants to fuck, only lick and do whatever makes me happy.  I love hearing him tell me how good it tastes when I fuck. lol

He has now got me thinking in my own life.  Everytime I fuck I think of him.  Every spurt of cum I don’t want to clean up, I see my friend, on his knees at the foot of my bed.  Naked, watching and stroking.  Waiting for the moment to dive in and lick my quivering, still wanting to be fucked, pussy.  Pushing my swollen clit into his eager mouth.  Wanting nothing from me but to suck me over the edge and encourage my orgasm.  Which is power.  Isn’t it funny.  Sometimes he loves it when I laugh and tell him how pathetic he is, sucking and licking my boyfriends cum.  But honestly, as I have said before, the submissive holds more power than they believe.  Sometimes I forget to laugh at him, cause I really find him such a turn on.  He knows his talents and that is making girls cum. I will gladly spread my legs wide, even while I fuck, and let him lick until I cum.  Why shouldn’t I?  grin.



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