We all love virtual sex and the sensualness of it. Sometimes you need to curl up with a sexy girl like me and let me show you the erotic sexy side of a GFE phone sex experience. I know you need that seductive temptress to lavish you with the attention that you and that cock deserve, and I can’t wait to give it all to you. Did you have a shitty day at the office? Get into a fight with that bitch of a wife of yours? Do just need me to show you a little extra attention? Don’t worry, baby I’ve got you covered.  No matter what you need.  I have you covered from virtual sex experiences to just an ear to bounce ideas and life experiences off of.   Allow me to be there in every way possible

Virtual Sex has never been so exciting and vivid!

Virtual Sex is only one part of it.  I’ll enjoy hearing the ups and downs of your day as I undress you for the prepared bath I have drawn for you.  As you relax and sip on your favorite drink in the warm bath, I’ll listen to your day’s events and rub your tense shoulders.  As your virtual girlfriend, it’s important for me to make all of your tensions melt away.  Soaping my hands up,  I stroke your cock to the point that precum is oozing out the head.  I enjoy kissing you and grinding my wet body against you in the warm waters.

Let’s take it to the bedroom

Once in the bedroom let’s enjoy licking and sucking each other dry.  By now you should have already forgotten the ills of the day and the only thoughts you should be entertaining are thoughts of your virtual girlfriend.  Bask in the juices from our lovemaking.  Throw my legs on your shoulders and take out all your tension on this wet warm pussy.   I am all yours tonight!

Do you need to unwind? Have you been looking for someone with a little extra love to give? I’m am everything you need and desire for your GFE phone sex needs and cravings.

Mallory 877-729-7626

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