Oral Sex with your virtual girlfriend, should leave you satisfied and fulfilled. The first thing I want to do id welcome you home baby. Invite you to come and sit in your favorite chair,  after such the long day that you have had at work. I want to look extra sexy for my baby. Don’t I look fucking hot in these beautiful red pumps that you bought me.  Come, follow that shiny red leather and beautiful thigh high stockings. Your cock is going because these legs go on for days. I can’t wait to wrap them around you while we make love. However, we’re not there just yet baby. Study the hips of your virtual girlfriend sway back and forth. Enjoy then sensually performing for you. That beautiful black lingerie hugs my curves grabbing your attention to while you soak in every juicy detail of me.

Oral sex can be relaxing.

I enjoy you watching my hands as the caress over my sculpted belly and perfect breast.  You cling to every movement.  Your cock is throbbing as I brush the blonde hair, from around my neck and shoulders. After all, I know how much you love to kiss my neck and listen to sweet soft moans that escape my mouth. Slowly I walk towards you,  giving you the opportunity to inhale the alluring perfume you bought for me. I press my soft lips to yours and slowing glide my tongue along yours.  Then turning and walking away to bend over just enough so that you can see the beautiful heart shape ass of mine.  Seducing you with just the shape of my ass,  as I mix your favorite drink for you. Allowing you to catch the perfect view of my behind.  I know you are ready for oral sex with you sexy virtual girlfriend.
When I return I serve your drink placing it in your hand,  before sliding onto your lap. Drink up baby, we have all night so we can take our time. Relax as I rub my hands over your chest. My kisses can’t help but find their way across your neck. After all, you know I desire the taste of you. So much so,  I  slide down between your legs to suck that hard dick. What a perfect way to begin our night baby. The view of the top of my pretty blonde hair as I please the man I love with my mouth.
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