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My teen sex stories are the hottest. What can I say? I was a wild child, so I did a lot of things that many would not be proud of. The best part about me is that I always looked so naive and innocent but in reality, I was the complete opposite. So when my mom started being besties with our new next door neighbor, guess who got to hang out with the homeschooled guy next door? I had been spying on him since he moved and I had the hots for him. I won’t even lie.

My mom went over to the neighbor’s place as I was relaxing after school. I was on the couch, flipping through the channels when the sexy guy next door knocked on the door. My mind went straight to the gutter but I did hear that his mom sent him over to hang out with me. I guess she wanted him to be my friend. I asked him a few questions, like, how was it being homeschooled, and if he has a girlfriend. Of course, I knew he didn’t, and then I asked if he was a virgin.

He nervously said yes as I got close to him. I whispered in his ear if he had ever eaten pussy. He blushed so much and said he had never done it. I straddled his lap and he immediately got a boner. I told him that I loved having my pussy eaten and that he should definitely taste me. He said he would give it a chance but he just didn’t know how. I told him to just lay on his back and I would teach him exactly how to make me cum.

As I was straddling his face I was telling him exactly how to move his tongue. The virgin guy next door actually made me cum so hard. We can’t wait to hang out again, next time I am teaching him how to jerk off.

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