Just a virgin exploring…

I want to take you down a little rabbit hole of mine! I have this amazing virgin fantasy that I’ve role played out before and fuck was it hot! So close your eyes and picture this…a 12 year old virgin wanting to explore for the first time. Way too nervous to ask mom and dad questions but her best friend next door is a boy. Why not ask him?

It was late on a Friday night when 12-year-old Jillian crawled up through Jimmy’s window. Jimmy’s parents were always out-of-town so Jillian would go and keep him company often. This particular night was different though. They were in his room which had never happened before. Both Jimmy and Jillian were a virgin.

Jimmy was in a comfy pair of pj pants and Jillian was simply in sleeping shorts. As they lay on his bed, Jimmy leaned over to kiss Jillian. They rolled to embrace each other as their lips explored; tongues twisting together. After a few minutes of kissing, Jimmy began to have a bulge growing in his pants. “What is that?” Jillian asked.

“Touch it Jills. It feel so good when I do it, I want to see how it will feel when you touch it.” Trusting him Jillian reached over and started to rub the hard spot through is pants. A tiny wet spot began to form on his bottoms. He quickly removed them now exposing to Jillian what was becoming so hard.

Jimmy ran his hands inside of Jillian’s shorts. This startled her at first, but she didn’t stop him. He spread her little lips open and pushed a finger between them. To his surprise, she was completely soaked! He pushed his finger inside of her just like he’d seen on the computer. Jillian dropped her head back and let out the softest, sweetest moan of pleasure! Jimmy knew his cock was meant to be inside of her and he planned to do that and no longer be a virgin.

Jimmy pulled her pants down and got on top of Jillian. She opened her legs naturally and waited to see what he’d do next.

He thrust his hips closer so that his cock head was right at her opening. Leaned down and began to kiss Jillian softly. He knew this was a big deal for a virgin. Wanted this experience to be amazing for both of them. He slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. He watched as the look on her face changed from shock to pleasure, to pain, and then back to pleasure.

Both of their virgin cards were swiped that night. They stayed in bed, learning all the ways to pleasure each other. Each time Jimmy’s parents went out-of-town you could count on finding sweet Jillian in his bed!

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