Virgin Ass Play – Prostate Massage

All men like to have their assholes played with, they just don’t all know it… Yet.  I get so much pleasure from showing men a side of Phone Sex they never knew existed.  Ass play doesn’t make you gay or weird, it makes you cum.  Lets not beat around the bush, once you relax and give it a try, you will be calling me for more!  I know my way around a prostate and I’m not afraid to show you the ropes.

First thing first, let go of the stigma.  Its pleasure and nothing more.  Besides, if you want to get near my asshole, be prepared to allow me near yours.  Start off with your favorite lube.  I don’t recommend lotion as it can unnecessary irritation and make the experience not so pleasurable.  Tickle yourself, massage the lube around the rim of your ass giving yourself a rim job of sorts.  It feels good and I can promise your cock, if it wasn’t hard already, is getting hard right now.

Lets get a little more adventurous.

 Take the tip of your well lubed pointer finger and slowly slide it inside.  Take you time, its not a competition.  Stroke you cock as you slide deeper inside, finding your prostate.  Once you find it, and you will know, gently rub your finger over it.  Keep it up, your toes will start curling in no time.  Work your hand over your cock harder and faster, feeling it throb and pulse like never before.

Now cums the best part.  Let yourself explode.  Feel your balls twitch and your cum build up.  Feel it creep all the way through your cock and to the tip of your mushroom head.  Keep your finger inside as you pump load after load of sticky cum out.  Once you are done, slowly side your finger out and relish in your new found masturbation technique.

Your welcome. Phone Sex Chat tonight!