Coming off the ship, I was more nervous than I’ve been in my whole life. The home I knew back in England was destroyed. When the Vikings came in with their horns sounding, swords clashing against their shields, we all tried to hide. Mother hid us in a little hidden doorway, telling my brothers to make sure I don’t become a Viking sex slave. After that, I watched through the crack as one man’s ax went into her neck and out again, the blood splashing against the walls. My brother’s hiding with me couldn’t take it; they ran out with no weapons, just their tiny fists.

The big man, who wore a black bear pelt across his back, just laughed at the young boys punching his legs in a failed attempt. With two swift motions of his ax, the Viking snuffed the life out of them. My heart beats fast, and my breathing is heavy. I try to sink farther back into my hide-away hole, but I don’t realize another man was right by the door. He heard me shuffle, then threw the door open fast.  The next thing I know, his hand is around my arm, pulling me out. “Take a look at this pretty English woman. She’ll make for a fine slave”, he proclaimed, letting out a hearty laugh at my dismay.

Should I run, hide, or fight? I’m so scared; I don’t know what to do!

I feel like a trapped animal in the position I am in. The two chat as they ransack my home, looking for valuable treasures. Then, I look over and see my father’s bow. Quickly, I rush to it and nock my arrow in. One of the men charges at me, and I shoot it into his shoulder. Still not causing much damage, he snaps the wood of the arrow and grabs me by my hair. “Feisty little things need to be tamed. You’ll be a good Viking sex slave by winter,” He states before slapping me hard in my face, knocking me out.

We arrived at their home, and I’m scared for my life.

The next thing I know, I’m being yanked off the boat by my rope cuffs. Along with a few other men and women from my town, looking equally as frightened. We are taken to a building far bigger than the others; this must be where their ruler resides. They push open both big doors, and inside, people are singing, drinking, playing games, and laughing. The positive atmosphere is much different than my old home life. Some of them stare as we are brought before the throne. “My King Ragnar Lothbrook! We bring riches, plunder, and Viking sex slaves to wet your cock! All in the glory of your name!”

Quickly, the riches are dispersed and put into the trophy room. The king looks over us slaves, having some being taken to cages to be sacrificed to the gods. The screams coming from them as they are taken out of the longhouse are ear-splitting. A couple of the women are taken by the heroes of the raid. However, the King lays his eyes on me, and before anyone can claim me, he grabs me by my hair and looks deep into my eyes. “She’s mine,” He growls. Some servants come over with 5 steel bands. One is put around my neck, and the other four are attached to my wrists and ankles. I’ve been made the King’s dirty slave.

Once the festivities are done, I’m forced into his bed-chamber.

I’m tossed roughly into the room, the gruff king standing over me. He grabs the top of my underdress and rips it off, leaving me completely naked. The sheer dominance illuminating from him has me feeling… different. Never before have my virgin eyes laid upon a male form so strong, dominating, and muscular. He removes his armor and underclothes, showing me his massive cock. My mouth falls open, but I can’t help but salivate. I need this man; I don’t know why but I do. He grabs my legs and spreads them right there on the floor. I prepare for his passionate hot sex. Taking no time at all, he pushes his cock into my ass, making me scream. “Prove yourself, and I’ll take your virginity next time, my Viking sex slave.”

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