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First thing, he wanted to take a shower. What does a very bad Auntie do?

My bad but I couldn’t help peering at him through the crack in the bathroom door, I know I’m a very bad Auntie. The shower stall is transparent and I could see everything, especially how he soaped up his ass and his cock. Well, it seemed only natural for this very bad Auntie to go over and help him clean himself up the welcoming thing to do! So Auntie Sheridan stripped and jumped right into the stall with him. I took that soap right out of his hand and cleaned his cock myself with my tongue first, then my whole mouth, my hot lips going right over his prick while I massaged his balls. He came right away too bad, cause I was about to invite him to go up my pussy. Very bad Auntie Sheridan swallowed all his cum and then took him to bed and cuddled him against my tremendous bare titties until he fell asleep.

When we woke up the next morning his cock was already standing at attention.

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Imagine my surprise when I got back home and heard my nephew talking to another boy.

He had invited my neighbor’s son over, a fine young black guy, and I knew I couldn’t resist the both of them. I had seen my neighbor’s son around before and had always wanted to fuck him, so what an opportunity! Offering the boys some beers ( I know very bad Auntie Sheridan) I slipped out of my dress. Laying on the floor I said,  “Which one of you is going to take off my panties?” My
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