Here I am, face down, tits pressed against the table looking up at this stranger with his dick deep down my throat.  I feel my skirt being lifted up as one man starts grabbing my ass, spanking it and spreading my cheeks apart.  My pussy is so wet!!  The man I am sucking off grabs a hold of my hair and starts fucking my mouth, pushing his cock all the way down my throat.

The dealer has no idea what to do with this situation.  He finally decides that he is just going to join in on the fun.  He has a huge foot fetish so he moves down to the end of the table and pulls my legs toward him.  After removing my 6” stilettos he starts sucking on my toes.  I’m stroking, licking and sucking, trying to keep up with all of the hard cocks around me.  The guy at my pussy moves to give someone else a turn.  One of the guys I was jerking off climbs up onto the table and slides his cock inside my wet pussy.  The dealer takes my legs and wraps them around the guy pounding into my pussy.  He gets up onto the table and puts both of my black stocking clad feet on each side of his hard cock.  Pushing them together he starts to fuck into them.

The guy in my mouth tells me to get my fucking ass over to him so he can fuck it.  I get up and turn my ass toward him.  One of the other guys wants to get in too, so he moves me and lay down on the table on his back, puts me on top of him and slides his dick into my pussy.  My ass is there at the edge of the table and another cock is soon starting to penetrate it.  I’m stuffed full and each hole is now tighter than before.   Another guy gets up on to the table and shoves his cock down my throat while grabbing onto my hair pushing me down onto his cock.  All of my holes are filled while the other two men are jerking off watching me get fucked.

The first guy to cum is the one deep in my throat.  He’s pumping his fucking cum down my throat and I start to gag which makes my pussy and ass contract on the hard cocks filling them up.  It gets so fucking tight that they both start filling me up with their cum.  The guy that just came in my mouth moves away and the two that are stroking their cocks move up and start shooting their hot cum all over my face.  They have turned me into such a good little cum slut.  Cum is leaking out of all of my holes as I roll over onto the table.  Everyone is spent.  The winner picks up all of the chips from the table, takes out five of them, one for each cock I took care of, puts one on each of my nipples, one in my ass crack, one in my pussy and one in my teeth.  He tells me that is my tip, and that any time I’m ready to play poker with the big boys again to bring it on!  Give me a call to hear all about the rest of my Vegas adventures!!



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