The city I am in isn’t the biggest, in fact I can rarely go anywhere without running into someone I know. This town is full of gossips and frankly I just don’t need it, so I started going to a variety of nearby cities when I wanted to get lucky. I drove to one place thirty minutes outside of my city and started going to this club there and I’ve met some really hot guys there. I just don’t need people in my hometown gossiping about me and what I’m up to.


I like variety sexually and the same guys in the local hangout just are not doing it for me. Does it make me sound like a slut that I’ve picked up guys in three different clubs in two different towns this month alone? I love fresh meat, love fresh cock and love getting fucked. Last night I got yet another new guy. I was at this club just watching the action and this hot guy came in with a couple of buddies and I knew right away I wanted him. He looked at me and I waved him over and asked him to sit down. Thirty minutes later I was in the backseat of my car with him with his dick down my throat as I was on my knees on the car floor.

I loved sucking his hard cock and squeezing his ass cheeks in my hands as I did, I could barely fit my mouth around that cock it was so thick. I then got up and bent over the front seat and felt him enter me from behind, the windows were all steamed up and I could barely stretch open wide enough to take in all that dick. He cupped my tits and I know the car was rocking back and forth a bit, I can well imagine some people must have seen it moving and knowing what was going on inside of it. He filled me up and then left and I drove home in damp panties.

Three nights ago, I went to another neighboring town and was at the movies, they have a big, new theater there, and the screen at home is so much smaller and an old theater. After the show, I was walking around the mall that was joined to the cineplex, and this cute guy was working at a kiosk in the mall and I stopped to look at the merchandise and talk to him, and he was about to close up and I asked him if he’d like to go get a coffee. We went to a nearby donut shop and talked for a while and I agreed to go back to his place a few blocks away. I know that sounds a bit dangerous, but I wanted him, he was very sexy, looks and voice and I’m a sucker for a sexy voice and went back with him.

We barely got in the door before he was all over me, pressing me against the door, wrists above my head, tits pressed against his chest, his tongue in my mouth. I was getting wetter by the second as we made our way tot he couch, where we were naked very quickly and fucking our brains out and enjoying every second of it. He had a way of moving that drove me crazy and it was the best sex I had in a long time. I felt naughty going around to different towns and all looking for fun, but I was having fun, so why not!

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