The Vampire’s Sensual Bite. Drain me, EVERYWHERE Before Dawn!

In your wildest imaginings, what’s more enticing than the vampire’s sensual bite? NOTHING! So, I was caught without a working vehicle while driving through spooky-ass Washington state. I saw a house lights up ahead while coming out of Narbeck Sanctuary near Everett. And while the walking trails are easy enough, the drive can be pretty sketchy, especially at nighttime. I somehow ended up on a road that wasn’t even a real road.

This lovely home was what you’d call, “Off the beaten path” but, I was still alone and scared. I blew the car horn hoping that the residents might COME out rather than me having to risk getting out of the car. No such luck. I felt like I was at the beginning of a horror movie about a vampire’s sensual bite. ‘Please, GOD, let this work out okay.’.

A Vampire’s Sensual Bite is Usually UneXXXpected.

The enormous front door made an audible creak, as it slowly open and I strained my eyes to see who or what might be on the other side. Suddenly, a very handsome man appeared and focussed on my eyes in a most hypnotic way. I felt instantly weakened to the point of collapsing in his arms.  He held me there effortlessly until I awakened and heard him say, “Are you alright, Dear?” I mumbled incoherently but. managed a soft, “Yes. I think so…”

This was straight out of a vampire’s sensual bite movie. It had started raining hard from the misty night sky. I urged him to take me inside as the bay of wolves’ cries filled the air outside where we stood. His voice, now more commanding, “Enter FREELY and of your own accord” and he lowered me to stand on my own. I entered and felt the same rush of weakness. What was happening to me? Once inside, he told me I’d feel better after a hot shower and a change of clothes.

Beware the Vampire’s Sensual Bite!

After showering and changing into the silky robe he supplied, I returned downstairs in search of my benefactor. He sat in a comfy-looking over-stuffed chair by the raging fireplace as I approached. Having no idea I was to be treated to a vampire’s sensual bite. I was about to find out. He offered a glass of red wine and immediately after imbibing it, I fell asleep in the chair next to him.

I again awoke to a strange feeling, but this time, it was a sexy biting sensation all over my body at once as he made love to me. Deep plunges into my body AND skin! I loved the way he fucked! It was the vampire’s sensual bite. There was blood everywhere… MY BLOOD! Panic set in as I now saw him… he moved along my body like a stealthy cat. Licking, pawing, and drinking from me. Likewise, who knew vampires drank pussy? And why did it make me so fucking horny?

I Needed MORE and I Needed it NOW!

So, I welCUMed his sexy licks and fingers all over me. But, fear was lurking closely. I needed to be his sexy servant and stay in his grasp forever. His whisper asking if I was okay spun into a lingering kiss. The kiss of ownership. I was to be his for an eternity and I wanted it badly. I sucked him as he sucked me. However, I never felt sated; much like the succubus. He put my inner wrist to his luscious mouth and drank. As I recovered from the lurid pleasures he instilled in me, the vampire’s sensual bite. I drank from him too.  Moreover, we were entwined, no, enmeshed in carnal delights. This was even better than phone sex porn! Well, maybe. LOL.

So, I now offer YOU those same delights. Let me IN. Allow me to partake of you. Give yourself over to me. I am Joey. Your Mistress of the night! Additionally, there is none better than me. But, you must call now to get the time of your life!

Kiss, kiss, swallow!

Just Joey

 Vampire's Sensual Bite