A Succubus Seduction Turns Forced Encounter Tonight!

What follows is the tale of how Succubus Seduction Turns Forced Encounter for the unsuspecting. lol. I was at a local watering hole when a voice whispered, “And who do we have here!?” My eyes fluttered closed and I inhaled deeply. It felt good to do things I once did when I was amongst the living.

My head dipped back and I could smell “it”. My eyes slowly opened and there it was, he cunt du jour!

“Who do we have here?” I whispered back at it. The human reached out, uninvited, and tucked a stray hair behind my eye. The touch of a lover I’d yet to meet. This disturbance had already become an annoyance and I was still on my first scotch. My intentions were to simply sneak in, have a drink or two and sneak out. I had a bowl all ready for me with some good shit in it. Of course, none of the drinking and smoking really mattered, me no longer being human and all.

For centuries, this was my life; sneak into a bar, meet some guy and fuck him to stay alive.

If what I am now is considered alive. In fairness to me, I’m hot (dead, OR alive), horny and a great lay, so what’s the beef if a few mortal men have to give their lives for my survival? It was a never-ending cycle of squirting cocks and shriveled corpses at the end. But, tonight? Oh, tonight was something different. I knew it was breaking the rules of engagement in the underworld; but, who the fuck cares? Could I get lower than the ninth circle of hell? I didn’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong. I have always enjoyed the men flocking to me. They never understood why they just couldn’t break free. That was all part of the fun. And, as I said, tonight was different.

This time, a succubus seduction turns forced encounter tonight!

Admittedly, I’d tried every form of kink and seduction created by man and some, I’m sure were created in hell and I still wonder exactly how it was considered punishment. Over the centuries, I had fulfilled so many fantasies and for a while, that sated me. But, now I was just bored. So, as I looked at the human female, one of my perfect brows arched on its own at her.

My deep blue eyes focused on her mouth as she spoke again. “Rebecca. Everyone calls me, Becks.” She had a warm smile and heavenly scent. As a mortal, I was never attracted to women and now, after death and resurfacing as he Succubus, I still didn’t have much for them. But, as I said before…

A succubus seduction turns forced encounter tonight!

What I hated most were HUMANS! And I hated her most of all tonight. I took a final sip of scotch before answering her. “I’m Joey.” She was hocked by the seduction that oozed from me. I watched as the trance fell over her. Her lashes fluttered as a wry grin formed on her lips. And there we had it, folks! Another one bites the dust. So, it was time for the dirty deed and my first with a woman. a new form of delight was brought back to my life.

And the thing that always kept me alive is the next fix! So, there was a rule or two about crossing over into incubus territory, but who’d miss this one insignificant human woman? I took her hand as we both stood and I could feel her weakness as she glided through the front doors with me as if she were floating on air. At that moment, I wondered if the succubus seduction turns forced encounter tonight was even really forced!

We arrived at my door moments later and in the ways of old Dracula… “Enter freely and of your own accord.”

She glided across the entry and into my lair. I kissed her. Her eyes closed slowly like she had been waiting for me all her life. Her kiss deepened and she caressed my breast and moaned into my mouth. When she finally freed herself of my taste her eyes were hooded and she bore the half-smile of the dated lover, though all we had done was kiss. The look of unbridled pleasure flowed through her like a lightning strike straight to the pussy! Now, I know these sound like crazy sex stories, but all of them have some basis in truth. Or, did you think the succubus was a dak fairytale? Haha!

I took Becks right there in my entry hall. Her clothes nearly melted off as she dropped into my arms. My mouth hit her breast and she cried out with pleasure. Her legs parted and my tongue rubbed her clit. She tasted… human. Yes. That’s what I’d call it. Not at all like chicken, but definitely not my sweet pineapple flavor.

But, not everyone is me. (Smile)

Did I mention the supernatural “hex” that automatically attaches to all of my lovers, even the non-human ones! Yes. A Blessing and a Curse! Haha. So, there it is, another human who’s pussy-whipped my me!  And every night for months I had her practically shoved up my ass! It comes with the territory, but damn, it gets old fast. I guess that was my comeuppance for being such a naughty little minx when I was alive. lol.

Do you need to know the dirty details of how I won a soul for the darker side? Call me. I give the best phone sex. Plus, there’s still so much MORE to this story! Hide your wife! You never know when an innocent Succubus Seduction Turns Forced Encounter. Careful who ya meet! Haha.

Succubus Seduction Turns Forced Encounter