Crazy sex stories can always get crazier, because there are things that were only a dream, but are now available.  For instance, I’m often complimented on my silky, sensual voice.  But, at one time and fresh out of grad school when I did some modeling for today’s Robotix Girls.  My voice is the prototype for what turns men all over the world on like a mother fucker!

So, when you call me, you’ll get eXXXactly what you’re feening for.  Let me inside your head (and everyplace ELSE you’ll let me in. LOL) and just lay back and relax…if you can!  First, they take every conceivable measurement on and IN my body, then they feel me PERSONALLY to make SURE the tits on the robot girl are ALMOST as soft as mine.

I recorded the vocals for the models. So, if you haven’t played with me yet; you have NO CLUE as to what you’re missing.  However, maybe you don’t crave a sexy voice to drive you insane with desire. ??? LOL.

Anyway, these dolls are soft and supple and even moan and sense your desires.  Sure, they’ll set you back a nice penny (actually SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND pennies!) but, think of all the nights you can spend with ME in your ear and “her” under, or on top of you!  Additionally, her eyes blink and roll back in her head. Her pussy and ass clenches around you.

Imagine fucking your obedient lover with my ANAL SEX STORIES  in your ear on the phone.  Have a Stocking Fetish?  Slip them up her real-feel legs and call me.  I’ll make your Crazy Sex Stories even hotter.  Plus, you get the advantage of having 2 sex-slaves at your disposal! One to fuck your body and ME to fuck your brain!