Anal sex stories have always been a secret thrill of mine; especially, when I have to sneak it in.  So, when presented with the opportunity to babysit the twins down the street, I jumped at it!  I watched their sweet little bubble-butts and it just drove me wild.  Not only that, when my boyfriend came over to sit with me…I got to watch his cock grow bigger than I could do all by myself.

Moreover, he loved to help with shower and bedtime for the twins.  Now, I won’t mention ages, but let’s just say that along with Anal Sex Stories AND loving babysitting (for OBVIOUS reasons. LOL), I just LOVE being his naughty accomplice!  So, began my Babysitter Sex Stories!  And those led to my Golden Showers

Unlike any other tales I’ll spin for you, a LOT of them are real!  Additionally, I LOVE posting my stories with YOU here.  So, give me more to work with.  I know, you think you’re giving me your all, but I know you’ve got MORE to share, naughty boy.

The Holidays always make ME feel freer to eXXXpose myself to you.  And it’s also a great time of year for YOU to give back.  Open the coffers and tell me about the times YOU were stuck babysitting and the anal thoughts that have crossed YOUR mind.

I’ll be your perfect helper.  I’ll pin our prey down, muffle the sounds!  Let’s CUM together.  Don’t go to bed horny!  Instead, share with a horny girl who has the same desires to kidnap and devour some sweet, young thing and bring her to heights she (or he…) never knew eXXXisted!

For MORE of my Accomplice Sex Stories…call me!  I never leave a dry dick…CUM with me!