Finding Immortality: The Curious Case of Vampire Transformation Sex

By this point, I’m sure you know all about my bizarre and otherworldly sensual escapades, alien abduction tales, and other strange erotic android sex stories. But there is a lot more to talk about. Yes, I have yet to talk about an encounter that still ignites each part of me with pure, unbridled lust. It’s the story of vampire transformation sex.

I’m not saying I’m a vampire, but I was close to becoming once a few years ago. And, the man who almost turned was Friedrich; quite easily the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on. We met during a party, and, for once, I was the one ogling someone in public. It was impulsive. He was just too unreal of a man to not look at and soak in, and I never thought all that staring would lead to vampire transformations sex. The charm he exuded made me feel warm and unbearably cold at once, making me twitch and act strangely throughout the party. Finally, after three trips to the ladies’ room for some “cooling down”, I was able to talk to him directly.

We began chatting about the music. I was too excited to even speak my thoughts. I just wanted to listen to his silky voice, but he kept asking me questions on all sorts of things. Today, I don’t even remember most of the conversation. However, what I distinctly remember is us sneaking out the backdoor after an hour and making our way to the small greenhouse in the back.

A bit of chatting led to some passionate groping, with me taking the lead. My caresses against his crotch soon had him rock solid, and his ever-present mysterious smile only encouraged me further, until I couldn’t feel my body anymore. It was as if I was stuck in a place where all time was frozen and I could not move. The only parts that seemed to function were my brain and my eyes. Veering my gaze towards him, I noticed the fangs and let out a deafening scream that echoed inside my mind.

“You sure seem delectable,” he mused as he licked his lips, “I’ll have a lot of fun with you.”

Friedrich laid me down on the ground and cooed in my ear as he undressed me, softly caressing my exposed skin with measured strokes of his hands. However, my arousal at his deft touch was suppressed by the fear of seeing his mouth encircle my ankle. His teeth scraped my skin and his tongue tasted me hungrily. Immediately, he pushed his fangs into me and soaked in the blood. His hands continued caressing my thighs as he slowly drained my feet of warmth, leaving them limp and cold.

So this was what vampire transformation felt like? How absolutely erotic! I’d never quite experienced something of this nature before.

Slowly, he began feasting on different parts of my body, leaving them bereft of blood and limp against the cold of the night. He gradually made his way up to my navel, leaving dozens of bite marks all over my legs, hungrily reaching my breasts. My mind screamed, not in agony, but in pure lust at the flame lit beneath my skin with each bite. Whenever Friedrich let go to leave behind the cold, my frame tried to bring him closer, begging him for more.

After each bite, he would hungrily look at my neck, as if preparing for the final bite that would make me his. Before he reached there, he entered me, thumping me with his big, beautiful cock as he bit into my breasts and sucked them with vociferous hunger. My limp body kept yearning for more, more of this vampire transformation sex. Our body’s beat together as he neared my neck, my heart pumping all the blood it had near his awaiting fangs, begging to be sucked.

However, just then someone barged into the greenhouse and Friedrich disappeared immediately. I fainted just as I saw him disappear, my lifeless tongue trying to call for him. When I awoke, I was covered in bandages and had a story no one would believe. But, no one can tell me the way my heart still pounds for him is a dream. It still craves vampire transformation sex, madly, and I know I’ll be craving it forever.

Maybe Friedrich will one day find me again to finish our erotic vampire transformation sex escapades. One can only hope so.

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