Let me tell you about the Valentine’s Day panties I’m going to wear this year.

Each year, I always like to give my lovers a gift of Valentine’s Day panties. I wear them tightly for a day, and then I cum in them, and send them off to my lovers for a fun surprise. 

Honestly, my lovers are desperate panty boys. They crave the scent from between my legs during sex. And even when we’re farther away than usual, they still crave it. How can a girl not want to help them out? 

So, let me tell you a little about the Valentine’s Day panties I plan to send them. 

The First: A Pink Mesh Heart Hipster

First, I have a hipster panty. I promise this panty isn’t all man-buns and local beers! This style of panty is one that hugs my hips, and I love it for that. In fact, you can make out my hip tattoos with this style. It’s bright pink, with a little mesh heart right over my pubis mons, where all my trimmed bush can be seen. And when I wear it, I leave little hairs caught in the mesh- something I know this particular lover delights in. My hope is that when he gets his part of my Valentine’s Day Panties, he remembers my bush rubbing over and over his face. 

The Second: A Black and Pink Thong With a Peek-a-Boo Hole

Second, I have a fun little thing. Like most, it’s generally a solid color that goes into a strip for my rear end. Thongs are made for asses, right? But rather than show off my glutes, this thong has a peekaboo for my pussy. In fact, there’s a fun little hole to tease my bush, just like the last entry for Valentine’s Day panties. 

But the thing I like best about thongs? How easy it is for them to pick up my sent. For example, I can slip one on, and immediately, that thin strip of fabric is between my pussy lips. Even if I sweat, that strip of fabric absorbs all the scent from my thighs. Really, it’s perfect for a scent-oriented lover, catching all of my musk. 

The Third: Cheeky White Panties With Lace and Red and White Hearts

However, for drawing attention to my ass? There’s nothing like a cheeky panty. This style, for those that don’t know, cuts above my ass cheeks, so that they show. For my lovers, it’s perfect for the anal men or ass men, because they get that nice little tease. And that’s the party I plan to send this last entry of Valentine’s Day panties to– a man who loves putting his face in my ass and licking me senseless. Plus, the way his cock fills up my ass? Mind-blowing. So these panties I plan to wear around the house. Then I plan to seal them up and send them his way- a reminder of how my ass jiggled for him as he smacked it. 

Whew! I wonder what other sorts of panties I could wear… any suggestions? 


Want to hear about the panties I’m wearing now? Then call me for some fetish phone sex and I’ll tell you all about them! 

Valentine’s Day Panties