Unlimited Explosive Orgasms and How to Have Them!

Unlimited Explosive Orgasms can be yours anytime you want them. How? For one thing, we need to take it slowly.  So, if you have no sex-kitten in your world, you need to go out and get you one!  Then, open your fucking mind and every sense you have to everything around you.  Allow yourself to be overtaken by vibrations and sensations you may have felt before, but never acted on.

You can do this!  Think of the things that make you harder than granite, yet able to melt your inner core with fantasies you haven’t had since high school.  That’s it. Now, let go.

I’m not a cookie cutter phone sex operator.

I’m the girl who will eXXXceed what you never expected!  Nope! I’m not some ‘Joey CUM lately’.  I take YOU more seriously than you may take yourself!  I make YOU my mission to please. And despite whatever you had going with anyone else, I’ll remove her from your memory banks.  You know that part of letting go is giving IN!

Maybe you’ll think of a good Deep Throat fantasy that makes you drip.  In any case, the strength of your squirt is all a frame of mind.  In other words, you ARE your cum.  And, I will skillfully guide you to Unlimited Explosive Orgasms.  Best yet, you’ll beg me for more, and I’ll give it to you!

Let me inside of you!

Knock, knock. Did you know that a man’s pleasure center is INSIDE your ass?  Well, it’s true and if you don’t know about your prostate, then you’re really missing the boat.  Men and women share anatomy there, with men having that eXXXtra special button that no woman will ever have. Stroking it slowly alone, or with CUMpany is a great way to stimulate it.  A smooth, yet deep back and forth while stroking your cock will send waves of emotion through you that some men describe as nirvana!

Playing Red Light, Green Light with a partner is also quite titillating as long as you can control the urge to splash!

Red Light, Green Light!

There’s a small secret I sometimes use on the phone that will push your Unlimited Explosive Orgasms and it’s called, Right Light, Green Light and it’s found on a website called, https://www.edgemeplease.com/. Check it out as a FREE GIFT from me to you.  We can play it when you call me. But, be warned, I’m a dark mistress and sometimes, your discomfort is all I need to do my own squirting!  So, don’t worry. I’ll be playing the game with you on my side of the call. We can even make it into a race. First one to cum WINS! And the MORE YOU CUM, the wetter my pussy gets.

I have a filthy THIRST to make you drip, yet my compassion extends to allowing you to cum… eventually. lol.

So HOW, Joey can I achieve these Unlimited, Explosive Orgasms?

Well, if I told you that here, you’d have nothing to look forward too! Silly, boy.  Call me and let’s get nastier than you thought possible.  And you’ll need to hear me guiding you, then pulling you back over and over until, POP!  Then, you’re MINE!  Cum out, cum out whoever you are! If we haven’t played yet, you’re behind the eight-ball, Baby.  I can help you fix that. I’m here seven-days-a-week from noon until midnight. So, don’t tell me you can’t catch me! Wink.

Unlimited Explosive Orgasms