A Simple Kink

I think the uniform fetish is one of the most well-known and widely accepted kinks in the sexual consciousness. I mean, strippers alone are a testament to how popular sexy police, firefighters, cow-wranglers, superheroes, sailors, and teachers are. Even hyper-orange prison jumpsuits (and the more popular black and white striped ones) have sexy results on every costume website out there. So let’s talk about a subset of cosplay and an aspect of role-play, uniform fetish.

What makes uniform fetish common?

Uniforms are not only signatures of authority figures like naughty cops or teachers who provide extra credit; they also belong to submissive figures. Or rather, figures that need ‘punishing’. Such as their counterparts, inmates, and students. Adding cosplay and uniforms to roleplay can be a very fun way to spice things up. Using parts of the costume to play into the roleplay aspect (belts, ties, handcuffs…hello? Hot!) It also often leads to clothed sex which is a kink in and of itself. I mean, why put that sexy outfit on if you’re only going to get rid of it in a couple of minutes?

Uniform fetish often has a lot to do with domination and submission, if not already obvious from the examples I’ve given. Many people find that making a naughty version of an authoritative outfit turns them on even more than just being normally dominated. How many times has every woman wondered about unbuttoning her shirt as she’s getting pulled over? I can’t lie that I’ve certainly considered it. (“Oh no, officer, is there something else I can do to avoid a ticket?”)

Fortunately or not, porn is not similar to real life. Otherwise, people would line up to do pizza delivery or plumbing. So we live out those naughty fantasies through role-playing. Getting a naughty cop (of either sex) to bend us over and do a thorough cavity search.

Personal Experience

One uniform fetish I’ve come across often lately is doctors and nurses. While they’ve always been a very popular idea, I’ve met a lot more Dr. Feel-Goods than usual lately. They’re always happy to give me a breast examination that turns into wandering hands and my body being taken care of as a come around a nice hard cock.

On other occasions, being a dominant woman for many willing subs, I have received requests to be a sexy doctor. Walking them through the process of a sexy exam turning into more. Whether it comes down to me testing their endurance and ability to hold out (There goes my edging kink again! (Oh, I’m wet just thinking about it!) Or seeing how many times they can cum for me as my gloved hand pumps them and explores their body. 

Did you enjoy the fantasy of your attractive female Dr. Ares Checking you out? Why don’t you give me a call and book a phone sex appointment? I’d be happy to meet you in my office. If you enjoyed reading this blog, you might enjoy my last blog about foot worship

Until next time, Kinksters.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke