An Introduction to Feet Worship

Lately, I’ve been having a certain call that I never considered myself a fan of before. But the more I’ve explored this idea with some of the kinksters who end up on my line, the more I find myself enjoying the experience and what it means. For the banality of it, feet worship is considered very taboo and even gross. But I would like to dash those assumptions and introduce some of you subs to the idea. 

Serve Her Well

Feet worship is one of those kinks where it’s exactly what it sounds like on the tin. Worshiping feet. Similar to worshiping any other part of your mistress’ body, it often includes massages with oil, kissing, licking, and sucking to show your appreciation. Your mistress has been out all day, taking care of the things you can’t take care of for her; why not show her how much you appreciate her. 

Draw up a bath, gently undress her, paying careful, soft attention to her. She does so much for you, and it’s only right to give back what you can. While she’s in the bath, attend to her every need. Brushing out her hair, massaging her shoulders, legs, and feet. 

The Creative Uses of Feet Worship

While it is my intention to focus on feet worship for this blog, it often comes with an appreciation of the entire body, and I believe that to be the attractiveness of feet worship for some. Showing reverence not only to the traditionally sexy parts of a woman’s body but the often discarded parts as well. 

I know that there’s another side to foot fetishism; I intend to cover that in my next blog about the darker, more demanding side of it. Aren’t kinks just so fun when they can be molded and stretched to fit almost every situation? As soft as possible and as cruel as can be.

But for now, we’re catering to you subs who enjoy the softer side, where you serve because you want to. Because you need to, your mistress, while she can be strict at times, Is loving and right. You want to give that back, I’m sure. 

Personal Experience

Often, the submissives who want to worship my feet want to massage them, kissing every inch, licking, and sucking my toes into their mouth as I sit on the edge of the bed above them. They’ll move their way up my legs, and I’ll place the bottom of my foot on their hard mound. Rubbing against them and feeling them get more and more turned on. 

I’ll wrap my toes around their cock while they’re eating my pussy, each stroke getting them to lick deeper and deeper. Until they explode against me and gently clean me off again. With a wet cloth, or their tongue

Find yourself wanting to give this a try? Call me for some foot worship phonesex. Want another tantalizing blog to read? Try this one about Mutual Masturbation.

As many of you know, this is my last day before I take a vacation, so call me while you can! Otherwise, I’ll be back on September 9th to play! See you soon, kinksters.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke