My unfaithful Husband gets Caught by Horny Curious Wife

My unfaithful husband was caught, but long before he ever knew it, I knew. Here is the story of my loving but cheating husband and the surprise I had in store for him.

So my wonderful husband has always kept sex with me so very vanilla. We were childhood sweethearts, and I guess he just thought I would not like to “play” around. Unfortunately, instead of coming out and asking me directly, he just started cheating. On second thought, maybe he just found the thrill of being unfaithful a massive turn on. Either way, I caught him by following him until he was with a beautiful woman. They always got the same hotel room once a week. So after some time, I came up with the perfect plan.

I got off watching them!

My first step was to find out everything about Dawn.  She was amazingly beautiful and charming. The more I learned about her, the more attracted to her I was. Soon I was preparing for phase 2 of my plan. I was inquisitive about their sex life. So I rented the room before them and planted video/audio cameras at multiple locations around the room.

I went home and logged in and watched the whole encounter. As soon as they entered the room, my husband, Richard, was all over her. They were like frenzied animals mating in the wild, tearing at each other’s clothes. He threw her onto the bed and plunged his hard throbbing cock deep inside her pussy cumming after only a few strokes. It was amazing because he was nothing like that with me. I usually had to work him up to fucking by sucking him first.

They lay in each other’s arms for a while, talking about various things. I was amazed when she asked about me. She seemed legitimately interested in me. That was an intriguing invitation to pursue her.

We would become lovers!

I introduced myself to her in the restaurant a few days later. She was a bit surprised when I walked boldly up to her and introduced myself. She, of course, already knew who I was. I chose this public location, so there would be no drama. I asked to sit with her. She, of course, accepted and smiled sweetly. I could tell by her eyes that she was nervous. I reached over and squeezed her hand. Dawn, please understand I am not here out of anger. I want us to be friends.

The chemistry between us was strong, so we continued to meet in secret. It was not long before our friendship became sexual. My husband was unfaithful with Dawn but so was I.

My intention was to seduce her and have Richard catch us fucking, but I actually fell in love with her. One day she admitted that she had fell for me too. We wondered what to do about Richard. I told her what my initial plan was to seduce her and have Richard catch us.

She agreed that it would be a good idea. So we set it up to reveal our relationship to my unfaithful husband. She and I were naked and fucking in our bedroom that night when Richard came home from work and found us. We were in the 69 positions eating each other’s pussies.

Eat my pussy!

We both looked up and smiled when he walked in and stood in shock. He rallied after a few minutes, and shock turned to something else. His hard cock was evident to what it was. Dawn stood up and walked over to him. Taking him by the hand, she led him to the bed and pushed his head between my legs.

“Richard, we have been having an affair for a long time” I moaned. His head snapped up and once again Dawn pushed him down.
“You see sweety, Dawn purred, we love you too so as thrilling as all this being unfaithful might be it is time we all enjoy each other together.” She dropped to her knees, and pulling his cock out began to suck him off. Richard had no idea being an Unfaithful husband would get him more sex.

We spent a beautiful night fucking each other in every way possible. Including using toys such as strap ons to fuck each other. Eventually, we talked Richard into letting us peg his unfaithful ass!

Phone Sex Kingdom

The night and every night since we have spent in sexual bliss. The stories you hear while having fetish phone sex is the life we were leading. Excitedly we explored all things taboo agreeing to try anything. No longer was I a boring housewife and Dawn the sexual mistress; instead together we were Queens of Phone Sex Kingdom! Making dreams seem real!