Bisexual Fantasy ~ My Husband Didn’t Know I Was Into Girls Too.

Bi sexual fantasy my husband did not know I was into girls. One day, I went to my husband’s office to join him for lunch and we decided to play around. Oops did I forget to lock the door? Stacy the secretary with the big tits and long sexy legs just caught my husband eating my pussy. It was the ultimate bisexual fantasy.

“Please, don’t be embarrassed Stacy my husband is just having me for lunch”. ‘Why don’t you join us”, I say as I hold out my hand for her.

Shocked my husband stared at me with his eyes wide. I smiled and pushed his head back to my pussy. He plunged his tongue back inside me. Stacy walked over and looked at him eating me then knelt beside me. She eagerly put her lips to mine for a hot passionate kiss. She needed no further encouragement. Her hands were hungry to release my tits from my bra and caress those achingly hard nipples. Soon her mouth followed her hands and she was tugging and biting at them making them strain further.

A bisexual fantasy fulfilled!

I also was very hungry for her tits as I had been admiring them since he hired her. She was young and delectable. Turns out she was just as ready to fuck us as we were. Look, honey, we found a little plaything. I giggled, as her tongue found its way to join my husbands on my hot wet pussy. My husband whispered against my lips as I was cumming in Stacy’s mouth. “Sweety, I never knew you had a bisexual fantasy?

What my husband did not know was that I was actually a real freak in the bed. He was gonna get a taste of it today. Pushing him onto his back, I straddled his cock. As I was pleasuring myself thoroughly by riding him slow building to my next orgasm, Stacy surprised me she lay down behind us and began eating my asshole as I was on his cock. Her tongue was saturating my ass and his balls. She was a hungry little bitch fulfilling her bisexual fantasy.

I had never eaten ass before!

After I cum again all over his dick and her face we switched places. I had never licked an asshole before it was actually very fun. Circling my tongue around that tight little hole. Feeling it pucker and contract. I squeezed my tongue in just slightly and her response was so damn hot. So I continued to stroke her just like that. It was driving her wild. Once she came all over my husband’s cock she lifted herself off and sat right down on my face. He had cum to deep inside her pussy. All her juices and his was pouring out into my mouth. It tasted so fucking good. I never dreamed creampie like this was so delicious.

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