Naughty Teacher Becomes Sexy Playmate With Students!

Naughty Teacher Becomes Sexy Playmate With Students! Hello, Gracie, how are you? I smiled sweetly but a little shocked to find one of my timid and shy students shopping in such a risque lingerie shop. Having been caught she looked embarrassed. I thought sure she would bolt out the door. Instead, she surprised me by smiling boldly and saying, “buying some sexy lingerie for my boyfriend”.

“Good for you”, I smiled back at her. However, I was very curious about this friend. Most teenage boys don’t really care about high-end lingerie. “Do I know the lucky guy” I walked closer to her hoping to convey that she could trust me. “I doubt it he is much older than me. His name is Allen and he has the big house down on the lake,” she said bragging. I would love to meet him.

She looked at me cautiously. I assured her, it’s fine I just thought perhaps if he was that amazing he might know someone for me.

Naughty teacher and teen slut

When we arrived I was shocked to see a very handsome guy that was dark and mysterious. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew I wanted to be the naughty teacher in his house. I was certain there were more girls than just Gracie who was pleasuring themselves on with his cock.

After introductions and small talk Allen did not waste any time. He told Gracie to come and play with me. She and I started undressing. It was easy to taste her she was sweet young and so inexperienced. It turned me on knowing he watched as I used my knowledgable tongue to bring her to new heights of sexual bliss.

I went and asked him if I could have his cock and he said to take it. Immediately I went to my knees greedily pulling it out and into my mouth with hesitation. It was then that he asked if I was married. Looking into his eyes with his cock still sliding down my throat I confirmed. He grew even harder in my mouth as he growled, “you fucking cheating slut”.

I am a cheating whore

He pulled me up to straddle his thighs and I guided him into my hot cheating cunt. “Yes”, I moaned loudly as he filled my hot wet pussy up. Oh, yes I screamed as he stretched me and made me orgasm, I screamed, “I am a cheating whore”!

After I came, he pulled me from his throbbing hot cock and placed me on all fours. There I buried my face into Gracie’s wet teen cunt. He slammed my pussy from behind driving me harder into her with my tongue going wild for her sweet juices.

Afterward, we laughed at the fact that I taught Gracie more today than I ever could in history as her naughty teacher. Of course, Allen really liked that I was a naughty teacher who was cheating on her husband. In fact, he liked it so much just talking about it caused his dick to rebound and round two started.

Roleplay phone sex is great but when you have sex with you naughty teacher that is even better. There are wonderful rewards for passing a test in my class. As your naughty teacher, I am very happy to teach you all the sex lessons you could ever dream of learning. Just ask Gracie at phone sex kingdom.

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I am looking forward to next week’s lesson because Allen is going to bring a new student. You should definitely be on the lookout for that blog because I hear that Molly from Phone Sex Kingdom is amazingly hot! Of course, from everything that I hear from Allen it would seem that Crystal is one of his favorites. I can’t wait to share her cunt with him.

Before all that happens though I think I will have a taste of one on one with Allen myself. I am a bit stingy sometimes.  It’s okay though because I am the naughty teacher.

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