.Taboo Family Fun, Horny Mom Fucks Daughter’s Husband!

Taboo Family Fun, Horny Mom Fucks Daughter’s Husband!  Simone knew she could persuade her son in law to remain in his sexless marriage to her daughter if she put herself on the table as a bargaining piece. She knew he would love some taboo family fun. After all, they had flirted with the idea of sex for several years. So the night of the party she made her proposition for taboo family fun.

Simone’s daughter was always complaining to her Mom how needy her husband was for sex. They had two children together and she wished he would just leave her alone. Simone was not shocked when one day at lunch her daughter mentioned that she and her husband were talking about divorce.

I don’t like having sex with my husband!

I don’t understand you two. You have a perfect life. A great family and home. Why are you even contemplating divorce? Simone was exasperated with her daughter. Susanne her daughter, looked her straight in the eye and said. Mom, I don’t like having sex with him. He is too rough and I don’t like oral sex. Simone sat staring at her own child in shock.

After a few minutes, finally regaining her thoughts she looked at Susanne, let him have a mistress. Tell him to keep it discreet and unemotional and he can sleep around as long as your family does not get caught up in the crossfire. He gets his family and you get to be left alone. You could even have separate rooms.

Susanne, shaking her head. I don’t want to be wondering every time he leaves the house if he is going to see her.  Darling, your husband has needs. Instead, can you try to meet him halfway? Like what mom, she sighed.

An opportunity for sexy taboo family fun

Well, tell him you want more passion and less rough sex and you will try harder with oral sex. Perhaps, if you could make your sex life better than you will both rethink this divorce shit!  Simone shook her head because she knew even as she was giving her the proposition that he would never do that at least without incentive. Men need to have sex how they want. They will get it from somewhere. A lesson for her to learn later, in the meantime Simone smelled an opportunity. An opportunity for some sexy taboo family fun.

Simone made lots of passes with Daniel over the last week since the talk with Susanne. He was interested she could tell so the night of the party Simone made her escape and followed him upstairs. Walking into the room she smiled at him. He grinned and said I will be down soon, Mom. He had always called her Mom.

I know you are wanting a divorce.

She walked over and slid her hand up his back. His eyes grew heavy with lust and he looked toward the door and back to her. Finally, he turned swiftly and pulled her into his embrace. After a long heated kiss, she backed away.

Panting heavily, Daniel we need to talk about something. He interrupted, you have been throwing yourself at me so how about some family fun, he said. Then he pulled her in for another long kiss. Stop, please I know you and Susanne are getting divorced, she said. He looked at her skeptically, I am not leaving my wife for you, Simone.

He turned to leave. I never wanted you to, in fact, I absolutely don’t want you to leave your wife at all, she said emphatically.  Listen, babe, I know the reason you’re wanting a divorce is that she doesn’t like sex. I am just proposing a bit of taboo family fun. However,  what if you let me satisfy all those needs for you and not split up your family, she asked?

Taste my pussy….

He stood facing the door. She was anxious about his answer. She was in a sexless marriage and so was he and she knew from everything her daughter had told her that the two of them would be a good fit sexually.

He turned and his gaze was hard and horny. In any event, he walked swiftly to her side. Lifting her skirt and yanked her panties down. Dropping to his knees he dove into her pussy like a starving man. He ate ferociously and she wrapped her legs around his shoulders and rode his face hard.

After cumming two times quickly he stepped between her legs and right there propped against the table he slammed inside her with his huge cock. Furthermore, she was even begging for it! In addition, she clawed at his shirted back. Thrust after thrust he dominated her pussy. She was tight around him and he loved the feel of pussy muscles clenching around his hard cock.

Choke me as I cum

Just as he was cumming and she exploded a third time on his cock. Reaching up, he chocked her. Instead of her being nervous, she wrapped her hands around his and squeezed tighter. Her reaction to this rough treatment sent him over the edge. He knew this was a woman that could be his sexual match.

After he pulled out he was again mesmerized because she hungrily knelt down and cleaned his cock with her mouth. Lapping up all the cum and showing him what a greedy little whore she was. Yes, he was going to fuck her regularly, he thought.

So they struck a deal, he would pretend to be happier with his wife’s concessions and fuck his mommy in law on the side. They would all be happier for it!

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