My brother and I love fucking each other and having naughty fun. Of course, he knows I am freakier now that I have some college time under my belt. So, he brought me some unexpected incest fun with him and a friend.

His friend Chad is super sexy and fun. I have a crush on me. Additionally, my brother brought him over for some kinky sex, and it feels like winning the lottery. I am hanging out and doing school work when they walk in.

Chad is looking fine in his jeans and tight-fitting shirt. Similarly, my brother is his usual gorgeous self. He tells me to come into his room so they can show me something.

I walk into his room to their dicks in their hands and unexpected incest fun!

Hell, yes, let the naughty fun begin. Instead of freaking out, I calmly walk up and take a dick in each hand. Chad is moaning as I start stroking their rock-hard rods.

I don’t think he expected this to happen, but baby, it is. My brother is also moaning as he is fondling my breasts and squeezing my hard nipples. Chad sees him and starts to do the same.

As we are touching each other, my pussy is getting so wet and ready for more. I don’t think Chad knows my brother and I fuck each other. Moreover, that we have been doing it for years. So today’s unexpected incest fun is just a twist on that.

I stop stroking them long enough to lock the door and start undressing.

Of course, they do the same and strip down butt naked. Both of them are standing in front of me with their dicks at attention. As I take my panties off, I bend over to slide them off my legs.

The boys see my fine pussy and ass, and I hear Chad let out another moan. Once I am fully undressed, I take their hands, and we move to my brother’s bed.

The boys are leaking precum already. Chad is shaking with excitement, and I wonder if he has a crush on me too. I should have been making moves on this hottie! Oh, well, my brother is helping us both out with this unexpected incest fun today.

On the bed, the three of us start kissing and exploring each other.

Since becoming freakier, I have been using my brother for some cuck fun, and he is into sucking cock now. He knows I enjoy watching him, and I tell him to stroke Chad for me.

Chad is nervous but lets him start going up and down with his hand. I tell Chad I want to eat my pussy as my brother sucks his cock. At first, he is saying no, but I spread my legs, and he caves in.

As he is eating my pussy, I cum on his face, and he blows his first load in my brother’s mouth. I tell him he is going to watch my brother fuck me and get himself hard, so he is next to fuck me during our unexpected incest fun.

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