My brother and I have a close relationship. It has been changing over time as I am learning more about sex and improving my skills. Now, I am using sensual control incest to get my way.

He is fun as a lover. However, I am enjoying my newfound knowledge and turning the tables on him. And, he loves this new side of me too! His cock is hard for me all the time.

Of course, he isn’t my only lover these days. I have a slew of people I am playing with. Lucky for him, I like sharing. Furthermore, my new friends enjoy playing with my brother as well.

The sensual control incest is benefiting more than just me.

Additionally, those sensual control skills are useful with men and women. Of course, I like using them on my callers too. I can provide the same fun during my Incest Phone Sex.

A lot of my callers love having a sexy sister like me to play naughty games with them. Of course, being open to all taboos makes the calls way more fun! I always say the raunchier, the better!

It is wild to think I am using sensual control incest on him now. My brother seemed like the ultimate lover at the beginning of our Incestual Sibling Sex. Because I am learning more and more, my sexual knowledge is exceeding his.

He is still a sexy beast and one hell of a fuck!

I love the way he is with me. Similarly, I am enjoying seeing how he is with others in the bedroom. Luckily, he is open to playing with whomever I bring home.

He isn’t really into guys, but he is definitely into watching me with other men. Of course, he loves the whole double penetration thing too. And, who doesn’t?!

Although it is sensual control incest with my brother, our other sexual guests are just getting sensual control. It is so much fun using my body, mind, and even sexy lingerie on them.

So far, everyone loves the new me and my awesome skills.

Sometimes, I fantasize about using these skills on my parents. I have been spying on them for years. Part of me wishes I was joining them for their sexual fun.

Of course, I can play those games and roleplay it out with my callers. Any of you up for being my Daddy? I promise to be a good girl unless you prefer a bad girl.

I can use my fun, sensual control incest skills on you too. Something tells me you will love them as much as my brother does. Now, if I can only convince him to help me get our parents on board.

Any suggestions on using my sensual control incest on my parents to get them to play with me?

Honestly, I am pretty sure my dad thinks about it. The way he is looking at me when I am wearing my booty shorts says he wants to fuck me. I have to figure out the right way to approach him.

Of course, once he is on board, mom is a given. Do you love the idea of playing with a sexy daughter? Call me and let’s get naughty!

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