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He is supposed to be gone but comes home early. Mom and Dad are horny and sneak off to their bedroom. This is my cue, and I go to my spot where I can watch them. I get into position and watch as Dad is seducing mom with his amazing sexual skills. Mom is moaning in pleasure as Dad is in between her legs.

The next thing I know, my brother is forcing me to have incestual sibling sex with him.

My brother knows I love watching them, and today, I came back early on purpose. As I am spying, I feel his finger tapping on my shoulder, scaring the crap out of me! He is using his finger to tell me to follow him into his bedroom. I do as I am told, considering the situation. Once I’m in his room, he tells me that I’ll do whatever he says sexually to keep him from telling.

Well, fuck, this is an interesting twist for us. As a horny college girl, I love sex and fucking all the time. However, other than a few fantasies roaming around in my head, I never see myself having sex with my brother. Not in real life anyway. Of course, now that I am doing incest phone sex for a living, this will be a great experience.

My brother is extremely sexy and fit.

At first, I am nervous as we start making out in his room. Our parents are going to be in their room for hours. We can play without the worry of getting caught today. He is a good kisser, and I am enjoying this. His hands are exploring my body and my tight young pussy. I am getting wet. Oh, wow, this is going to be good.

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I am telling him not to be too loud!

We don’t want to get caught during our first incestual sibling sex session. He is quieting down as he grabs my hair and pulls me up to kiss me. Then, he is overpowering me to pin me on my stomach. I like him strong. He is spreading my legs and lifting my ass, sliding a pillow underneath me to keep it up.

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