It’s better, down where it’s wetter, like in this underwater sex story!

I’m always up for trying something new, and I’m pretty spontaneous (see this Sex Stories Post); that’s pretty much how this underwater sex story started.

I was at the pool for one of the fall semester parties, hosted by one of the fraternities on campus. I’d gotten a cute swimsuit, and I’d been in and out of the pool, showing off my tits to just about everyone present. A few of the guys were watching me, but my eye was on one hunk off to the side.

Finally, as the party died down, I’d assumed my luck had run out– he hadn’t picked up what I’d put down. It was a good attempt, I told myself and stood up from where I was dipping my legs in the pool. No one else was in sight, save for my hot guy. The party was well over.

Of course, that’s when he jumped in. “Wanna join?” he asked me.

Making the Pool a “Hot” Tub

“All the other brothers left me to clean up,” he confessed. “They’re sleeping, not watching. I didn’t want to share.”

That suited me just fine. I slipped down into the water. It didn’t take long before I had him back against the pool wall, mashing his face with mine. I ran my hands down his chest, while he ran his hands down my back, messing with my bikini top. When we pulled apart, his lips were swollen from the intensity of our kisses, and my top had come off, leaving me exposed.

“Nice.” He then leaned down and grabbed my huge tits, moving them to his mouth. I’ve always been sensitive on my nipples, and this time was no exception. While he sucked, pleasure shot through my body like electricity, and my pussy needed to rub against something.

The water was cool around my groin, but I felt way, way too hot. My excited pussy started seeking out anything to rub against, and finally, finally, I found his leg. He groaned and his hands trailed down my hips, sliding my swimsuit bottoms almost all the way off. I still hadn’t moved enough for him to move my bottoms beyond my pussy, and he nudged me to move a little.

Smirking, I placed both of my legs on either side of him, and pushed off to the other side of the pool, like in a backstroke- leaving my swim bottoms behind.

Underwater Sex

His hand immediately found my ankle and pulled me to him. In the water, I was a ragdoll for him to throw around. Our bodies slammed together. There was nothing soft about this. His hands gripped tightly onto my hips, thrusting his cock into my pussy. The water moved out of the way, but also, allowed my hips to take a beating I craved. I wanted it rough, and the water allowed me to be tossed around however he pleased.

My tits bounced up and down in the water, and I had to struggle to the surface. The hot guy wanted me on his dick, and there I would be, which meant I’d be barely underneath the water. I couldn’t aid him at all with the fucking; gravity was against me. I was completely at his mercy while he stuffed me full of his cock.

Through all the manhandling, the struggle to breathe, and the helplessness, my pussy quivered. I probably came about four or five times, my pussy gripping onto his cock for dear life.

Best party I’ve been to yet!


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Underwater sex story