For the last two weeks of summer break, I was sent to my uncle’s ranch. I was always his favorite niece and I couldn’t wait to see him since it’d been years. Little did I know that I was going to be my uncle’s fuck toy. I showed up to his ranch in some daisy dukes, a tank top with no bra and some cute cowboy boots. I looked like every boy’s wet dream. And the way my uncle looked at me I could tell he wanted me too.

He gave me a big hug and a quick peck on the lips. It lingered just a little and sent a thrill straight to my clit. He helped put my bags on the porch and then gave me a tour of the ranch since it’s been so long. He placed his hand on the small of my back as he asked: “So do you have a boyfriend, Hadley?” “Now uncle what if I’m into girls and not boys?” I teased back. It startled him and he didn’t know how to answer me. “I’m just teasing uncle, I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”

He started running his hand under the waistband of my shorts and it was such a tease. I’d never been touched like this before and it was so exciting! We got to the main horse barn and when we walked inside it was apparently breeding season. There was a big black stallion fucking one of the mares. I couldn’t take my eyes away from his huge horse cock! My uncle noticed and leaned down to whisper in my ear: “Ever seen two beings fuck before?”

I wanted to beg to be my uncle’s fuck toy!

“No I’m a virgin,” I replied shyly. “Maybe we should fix that then, what do you say?” He asked. I nodded yes and he took me to the backroom full of hay bales. He shoved me against the barn wall and started kissing me passionately. My uncle grabbed under my ass and lifted me up. Wrapping my legs around him as he pushed his hips into me. I could feel his cock getting hard as he kissed down my neck and pushing my shirt down to suck on my nipples.

He carried me over to lay me down on a bale of hay and had me lift up my hips. Yanking my shorts and panties off he got down on his knees and started licking my pussy lips. I’d never had a guy do that before and it felt amazing! I was on my way to becoming my uncle’s fuck toy and I was loving every minute of it. He sucked on my clit and slid in one finger. Moaning into my pussy about how tight I was.

My uncle started to finger me harder and faster and held my hips down so I couldn’t move. Before I knew it I was cumming all over his face and fingers. He stood up and undid his pants and told me to be a good niece and suck his cock. I happily got on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. Licking up and down his shaft, massaging his balls with my hand, and taking him all the way into my throat and gagging on him. He couldn’t take anymore and had me lie on my back on the hay.

This slut was about to get pounded!

He placed himself between my legs and slowly slid his cock up and down my pussy lips before sliding inside my tight teen pussy. I wanted him to fuck me like I was his personal sex slave toy. It hurt a little as his huge cock slid inside me but once he started moving it felt amazing. I wrapped my legs around his shoulders as he pounded in and out of me. My uncle started rubbing my clit hard and fast and I could feel another orgasm building inside me.

He was fucking me so hard I could feel the hay cutting into my skin but all I could do was beg for more. My pussy started to clamp down around his cock and then it was like a firework explosion of ecstasy. I came so hard that he pulled out of me and came all over my tits and stomach. Calling me his good little slut and how he was going to fuck me so much over the next two weeks. I was officially my uncle’s fuck toy.

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