There are times I just need to be used as a sex slave toy. So when I get like this there’s only one thing I can do. I call up the one guy I know who will use me as he sees fit. His name is Adrian. Adrian is six foot 4 inches and pure muscle, plus he has a huge nine-inch cock. So anyway, I call him up and tell him I need to be used. “Come to my dungeon at 7 pm and I will give you what you need,” he said.

I put on my usual attire, a red silk corset and black skirt with matching panties and garter set, and a pair of 6-inch stilettos. I had my brown hair pulled up into a ponytail and he only liked me to wear red lipstick and eye make up. I put on an overcoat and head out the door to Adrian’s dungeon. The closer I got the more my pussy throbbed in excitement. I couldn’t wait to be Adrian’s little slave sex toy for the night.

Once I arrived at the dungeon I would receive further instructions from him. Adrian was sitting on his throne in the dungeon. Wearing only a pair of faded jeans and a bullwhip in his right hand he looked so intimidating and it turned me on immediately. Adrain cracked the bullwhip and ordered me to undress down to my corset, garter, and heels and then to kneel before him and present myself. Obeying his command I set about my tasks before kneeling before him.

This sex slave toy was about to get thoroughly used.

With my eyes inverted to the floor, I could hear and feel him approaching me. He walked behind me and grabbed me by my hair. Yanking me on all fours over to his St. Andrews cross and pulling me up by my hair to attach me to it. It was like playing into my ultimate rape fantasy all over again! Once I was standing he took off the corset but left the garter and heels on. Adrian then tied me to the cross and put a blindfold over my eyes.

I could hear him going through his toys, gathering all the amazing things he could use to mark my body. The anticipation of what he was going to do to me had my pussy just aching. Adrian walked back over to me and started to hit my breasts with what felt like a riding crop. The stingy pain on my nipples felt amazing! He went from my tits to my thighs, then to my pussy. Beating me until I thought I couldn’t take anymore then stopping.

Then I felt him slide two fingers inside me, fingering me hard and fast and taking my breath away. Right as I was about to cum he pulled his fingers from my pussy, leaving me aching and begging for him to continue. Of course, Adrian didn’t listen. Just released me from the cross to turn me around and re-tie me to it. He then started to use a cat o’ nine on me. Feeling the leather strike my skin sent me to a place I love to be. The pain started to turn to pleasure and I just craved more and more.

I was in an amazing subspace as his sex slave toy.

Adrian took me out of the cross and over to the bed, bending me over his knee he started to massage my ass with his hand. Once I was relaxed he slid a bullet inside me and turned it on high. Leaving it inside me as he spanked my ass. The mix of pleasure and pain was so intense! I could feel my pussy start to contract and I was so close to cumming. That’s when he stopped and pulled the bullet from me.

I was shaking in need and frustration. He told me to get on my knees and worship his cock like a good little cock sucking slut and then just maybe he would let me cum. So like a good girl I got on my knees and sucked his cock like it was the last one in the world like I was trying to suck his soul out of him. Suddenly he pulled me off his cock and threw me face-first into the bed.  Adrian got behind me and slammed his cock in my tight pussy.

Fucking me hard and fast and like the sex slave toy I was. My pussy was tightening up around his cock and I knew I was going to explode. Adrian just went harder and harder, gripping my hips with his hands and digging his fingers in to bruise them. Right as My orgasm crashed through me he fisted my hair and yanked me back into him, cumming and filling my pussy as he bit my neck to mark me.

Want to have some kinky phone sex with a submissive slut? Well then let me fill that role for you!