My Uncle Tommy was 26 years old the year I was in eighth grade.  My parents said he was a loser and always warned us that we would turn out like him if we didn’t study and stay out of trouble.  I never saw that as such a bad thing.  I thought he was great.  He was funny and loud whenever he came over.  I guess I just didn’t realize that he was usually high when he came over.   

I attended a Catholic school and wore the typical uniform:  white blouse, plaid skirt.  One night, I stayed after school to help set up for a school play and stayed until it was over.  My mother started work in the early evening so she informed me that Uncle Tommy would be picking me up from school that night.  I was glad.   

He was waiting for me in the parking lot in his old beat up car.  He opened the front passenger door for me.  “Where’s your jacket?” he asked.  “It’s pretty cold tonight.”

“In my locker.  It’s okay.  I’m not that cold.”  I said as I climbed in.   

On the way home, I asked him to stop at Dairy Queen for some french fries.  He grumbled but agreed.  He turned off the main highway and into a dark and secluded road.  “Shortcut.” he said.  We drove for a few minutes when his tire suddenly blew out.  “SHIT!” we both shouted in unison.  He pulled over quickly and hit the steering wheel with both hands.

“Just change the tire.  What are you getting so upset about?” I asked him.

He looked over at me with a small, apologetic smile.  “I don’t have a spare.”  

“What are we going to do?”  I asked.  “I’m not walking down that road.  Fuck no.  There are probably a bunch of psychos lurking in those woods with knives!” I exclaimed.

He laughed.  “There aren’t any and it’s only about two miles.”

“I’ll freeze my ass off.  I’m not going anywhere and you aren’t leaving me.  We wait for a car to drive by, okay?” I said firmly.

He shrugged.  “It may be a long time before another car drives by.  But what the hell.  I have nothing better to do.”

An hour went by then two.  I was shivering in my seat wishing I had my jacket.  Uncle Tommy took his sweatshirt off and wrapped it around me and put his arm around me to try to keep me warm.  I felt sorry for him because now he was shivering too.  I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight, afraid we were going to freeze to death.  

I suddenly became aware that his breathing was getting heavier.  I nuzzled my face against his and noticed how good he smelled.  His hands were moving up and down my back slowly and he rested his chin on my shoulder.  My clit quivered involuntarily as I felt his breath on my skin.  Without thinking, I kissed his neck gently.  

I was aware that he was holding his breath.  His body stiffened.  I thought he was angry but then he moaned softly and held me closer.  

“If we’re going to keep warm… “ he said softly.  “We need to really do some physical activity.”

“Like what?” I whispered.  

He pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me.  His tongue slid into my mouth and I kissed him back, hungrily.  He started to undo his pants and I lifted my skirt for him.  He grabbed my panties and gave them a tug, pushing them aside.  

“Sit on my cock, Sabrina.  Just sit on it.  Slowly.”  he instructed.

He held his cock as I positioned myself on it.  I felt the hardness against my clit and I shivered.  He began to thrust his hips up gently and slowly and I felt his cock slide against my clit, back and forth until the head came to my opening.  Uncle Tommy grabbed my hips and pushed me down a little until he was a few inches inside of me.  

We moaned together and then he began to thrust a little faster and harder and I followed his lead.  I lifted my body up and came back down, pushing down and wiggling my hips before lifting myself up again.  I rode him harder as the initial pain wore off and I felt how wet my pussy was and how good his cock felt as it made its way deeper into my virgin tunnel.

He pulled his cock out and came all over my skirt and his shirt.  I climbed off of him.

“That’s our secret okay?  It’s not bad.  But nobody can know.  Understand?”  he said as we fixed our clothes.

“Yeah, sure.  As long as we can do that again.”  I said, smiling.  He laughed.  

A car came by about five minutes later and we were rescued.  The next morning I asked my mother if I could spend the weekend at Uncle Tommy’s.   I spent many weekends at Uncle Tommy’s after that night.  

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