Uncle Fucks Hard for the Whole Weekend!

Let me tell you about how my uncle fucks hard for the whole weekend.  So, Uncle David was definitely a family pervert who seemed harmless enough.  So what is the matter with a little fun now and then?  Here and there, he could be found playing with his dick in the bathroom or looking at dirty magazines or porn.  Everyone indulges in some “under the covers” fun once in a while.

Well, maybe Uncle David didn’t keep things under wraps too well.  He often would be at the local strip club beyond our neighborhood having lap dances and getting an occasional handjob.  Uncle David loved the pretty girls there.  A lot of them were college girls just trying to make ends meet.  My uncle always said he was just doing his service in stimulating the economy.  He liked helping people so much, and that was his way of helping.

However, my uncle had a big-time foot fetish and loved the chance to have feet as close to him as possible.  He once told me if he could have a whole group of women to walk all over him, he would be so happy.  I know Uncle David still loved Aunt Izy but he couldn’t stop looking at other women.  Well, I guess she married him knowing the risks.  Perhaps Izy thought she could change Uncle David.

My sister went over to the beach house with her girlfriends!

My sister Vanessa was definitely a rebellious girl who loved having a good time.  She loved flirting with the boys and cock blocking them  To a point, she was right.  Guys loved her pretty face and body, her full lips, curvy hips, firm perky tits.  Oh, my sister could be very evil.  Vanessa would get what she wanted, but dump them afterward leaving them high and dry.

Well, one day she begged Uncle David to use their beach house to have a weekend with the girls from her college.  Uncle David kept looking below her waist at her smooth-shaven legs and open-toed sandals.

Vanessa had just gotten her toenails done and all he could do was think about taking her sweet toes into his mouth and sucking them in and out as he stroked his long fat dick.  David suddenly realized there was an obvious bulge forming in the front of his pants.

Vanessa invited more than her friends over to the beach house.

The party was on for the weekend.  Well, when Uncle David heard about the party he decided to spy on his niece.  When he went over and peeked into the widow he could not believe what he was seeing.

He saw his own niece on the dining room table getting pounded by a big dick.  Uncle David had never imagined his niece to be a slut who could take a big monster dick inside of her tight pussy hole.

Not to mention, her pretty feet and all the girls who came with her for the weekend.  Well, David walked right on inside of his own beach house and kicked all of the boys out.  He took his crying niece aside to have a little chat with her.

Finally, Uncle fucks hard the way he always wanted to!

Well, you can be sure that this uncle fucks hard to satisfy the ultimate urges that he had been holding under the surface for so long.  He had been watching his niece blossom into a beautiful girl and couldn’t hold back anymore.

Next, he presented his lovely niece with a choice.  Put out or go home and he would for sure tell Mom and Dad what she had done at the beach house.

First, she got down on her knees and gave him the best blowjob she had ever given anyone in her whole life.  The first time was quick, he just couldn’t hold back his cum as he shot his hot load into her mouth and face.

Seeing his niece with cum dripping down her chin started arousing him all over again.  David took his niece’s foot into his mouth and licked each toe and stroked his growing cock.  Her feet were so smooth and delicious.  Her toes felt so small and delicate.

All weekend he had his way with not only his niece but also her girlfriends.  There is still so much more to share with you!

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