Do you Never Forget Your First Foot Fetish Experience?

Anyone who truly loves feet, especially if you have a foot fetish, never forgets their first touch of that delicate foot.  Perhaps that first contact with that slender pretty foot was purely unplanned.  Well, the feelings touching that foot would elicit that first stirring response that you would forever capture in your mind.  Nevertheless, we remember our first experiences.  We could use this example in other cases.  Perhaps it was your first kiss, the first time you had sex or your first lick of that delicious ice cream cone.

One muggy afternoon I went to buy some shoes.  I was looking for some new heels to go to a gathering with my husband.  Unsure of what to pick, I called over a meek-looking skinny shoe salesman.  He was polite and well-groomed.  We picked out some shoes from the various displays.  He was even kind enough to carry the boxes so I could keep shopping.  The salesman knew a lot about the most current designs.  I was thoroughly impressed.

He suggested I try on different sizes of the same shoe.

I was pleased when he offered to get a measurement of my shoes.  I sat down on a seat.  The salesman knelt in front of me.  He delicately removed my shoe.  I flushed red wondering if he could smell my feet.  In hindsight, I wondered if this set him off.  He caressed my feet gently with his fingers.  His touch sent a chill up my legs.  We tried on several shoes.  The first time he put my foot on the ground.  The next time he slipped my shoe off, he placed it on his lap.  I could feel the hardness of his cock on my foot.  Was this salesman becoming hard?

Understanding came to the surface as I realized he had a hot foot fetish.  The aroused salesman complimented my beautiful feet.  His hands traced my toes, my arches, the heel, and the small ankles of my pretty manicured feet.  Not wanting too much silence, I asked him how he liked working there.  He closed his eyes as if remembering a distant memory.  The man told me the first time he helped put on his mother’s shoes.  She was recovering from surgery that limited her from bending to put on her shoes.  Every morning her son would help her dress.  His favorite part was when he would put on her pantyhose and shoes.  He loved caressing her stocking feet.  She would even let her son massage her feet.

A wicked part of me wondered what else she let him do to her feet.

It was very obvious how aroused my friend was becoming.  The creative part of me would have loved nothing more than to wrap my stocking foot around his throbbing tool and gently stroke up and down the length of that hard cock until he blew his load.  The vindictive part of me loved the idea that I was holding out on him with that innocent expression.  That afternoon was truly an enjoyable time!

What do you think I should have done?  I love hearing about all of your sexy experiences and fantasies!  Call me for some quality unique fetish phone sex talk!

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