I Just Found Out That My Uncle Has A Panty Fetish!

My uncle has a major panty fetish! I had no idea until we were all alone one day. When I came home from school it was just the two of us. I hopped up on his lap to tell him about my day and I could feel how hard he got! I couldn’t figure out why, I was just sitting there. Maybe it was my tight round ass wiggling around on him. He tried to hide how turned on he was but it just wasn’t working! He jumped up really fast and I tumbled off. I guess when I did, my skirt rode up and he got a flash of my pretty purple panties.

That’s when I found out about his secret panty fetish. Before he realized what he was doing, he confessed how much he loved my panties. Then he asked me if I wanted to see what he does when I’m not around. Of course, I said yes! He led me to my bedroom and went straight for the laundry hamper. That’s when he pulled out a pair of my dirty panties and started sniffing them and licking them! It was so hot I couldn’t help myself. Pretty soon, I was laying on my back with my hand down the front of my panties. My pussy was dripping wet and his cock was rock hard.

He slid his zipper down and jerked off with my dirty panties while I watched! It turned him on even more seeing my hand fingering my tight teen pussy under my panties. His cock was so big and thick and so hard! I couldn’t believe all the pre-cum that was dripping out of it. The best part of all was when my uncle blew his load. He made sure to aim it right for my panties and he soaked them!

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