Do you enjoy edging yourself? Perhaps you need a goddess that is a master at tease and denial games. I am your Ultimate Tease Denial mistress! My experience is outstanding, and I am giving you all that amazing skill. Of course, there are other mistresses, and they are good too. I am just the best, and baby, don’t you want the best?!

When we start our first conversation, my goal is getting to know you. Learning all about you and what it is you enjoy and desire. I am smoking gorgeous, with a golden lined pussy. Using it and all my favorite tools, Furthermore, I am going to help you achieve the best climax ever. An explosion leaving your balls like a cannon burst!

With my Ultimate Tease Denial, you will be a happy man.

We both know you don’t get it from your wife. She doesn’t understand you and what you truly need to be satiated, but I do. That is why you are here with me now, doing a session of fetish phone sex with this sexy babe. You are coming to me, an expert, to find the real tease and denial experience. Be prepared, I have made me wait months to cum. Yes, you read that correctly, MONTHS! I provide the ultimate tease denial game around!

With my naughty skills, sexy body, and sensual seduction, you are getting one hell of a woman. Today, in our first session, we are exploring you, your secrets, and whether or not you are worthy of me. Above all, we need to be a good fit for each other. Truthfully, I am fucking awesome and great for anyone, but some losers aren’t able to measure up to me.

Do I sound confident and cocky? Good, because I am!



I have no shame in my game. What I am providing is the very best in the field. If you want time with me, I have to know you are worthy. I also need to see if you have what it takes for my ultimate tease denial play. Even though I am using sensual seduction and it is kinder, I am still providing you with the Sensual Domination Goddess time. That means I am not going easy on you, snowflake.

You are going to learn to hold your loads as long as I tell you, or you will not be one of my playmates. I am a picky mistress with high standards. To be in my stable of men, you will need to upgrade your stamina. You also need to improve with your mind too. The fun we have requires some mental strength. Some of those I deal with are losers. My humiliation sessions are for the lesser men in my stable.

You are here today for the ultimate tease denial game, not humiliation.

Withstanding extreme periods of holding out is hard. Not just any man can do tease and denial. My goal is to teach you how training your brain can improve your orgasms like crazy. Together we are going to work on improving your mental skills and then refine your physical abilities to hold that sperm as long as humanly possible.

This is not easy either, but it is so worth it. We are going to rock your climaxes and take you to places you have only been dreaming about. If you are up for fun there are so many other directions to guide you. My sensual seduction and domination are incredible. If you are open to bow down to this goddess, I can show you a million other ways to cum.

Of course, not everyone is open to my kind of fun, and that is okay if you aren’t.

I love my life and all the fun I am having teaching men a better way to fuck. You are going to be addicted to your new climaxes. I must be preparing you for the inevitable. I laugh as I say it because you are looking at me with skepticism. Go ahead and doubt me. Once you are my little bitch, remember I told you so! Now, pick up that phone and call me so I can use my sexy, silk, and satin for our fun.