Domination comes in so many varieties. That is the amazing thing about it, it can be personalized to fit everyone! I highly respect the dominatrix who is intense and hard on her submissives, enjoying a sadistic twist on their encounters. Those women are fucking sexy as hell! I am not that type of woman. For me, it is all about giving you the Sensual Domination Goddess time that can be equally as hot and intense. Using my skills of seduction, tease and denial, erotic mind control, and more; making you mine.

As I said, I respect the other types of domination but I also want to enjoy our time together. Pain and suffering are not my things. Seductive, soft, and sexy fun are! My demeanor is softer and sensual. I am all about enjoying satin, lace, and silk against my body and yours. Yes, you read that right, yours. If we are going to be together you have to be open-minded.

Our Sensual Domination Goddess Time involves lots of panties and lingerie.

I am also using pantyhose in our session today. Wearing my silk stockings into our session, then shedding them off during. I may be wrapping them around your cock or having you wear them for me. That really gets this sexy pussy of mine wet. I am a huge fan of being a sensual tease.

Using it to control your orgasm is so intoxicating. We are taking our time today as I get you so close to climaxing and then pulling you back. Over and over again. When I finally let you blow that load, it will be fucking amazing. You are staring at my tits in this bustier and I love it. Here, give me your hand. I will help you to explore them and the lush satin fabric as well.

That is a big part of sensual seduction, sensory experience with everything we use.

The fabrics, our skin, toys and all. I love using the things around us. Seducing and pleasing both of us. Above all, I am always a sensual domination goddess so I love being in charge and getting off on controlling you. Leading you towards a climax, then leaving you on the edge for an unknown amount of time. It is all dependent on how good you are, that is also one deciding factor with my tease and denial.

Fabric can be so sensual and erotic, that is why I am using all that I am wearing on you.

The feel of satin on your skin, rubbing softly on your cock, feeling so amazing. Oh my, look at that dick grow. You like that, good. I am sliding my stockings up and down your body. That soft silk gliding against your skin, creating goosebumps as it goes along. Stand up, it is time to put them on you. Okay, lift your left leg and gently slide your foot in here.



Very good, now the right. Carefully, pulling them over your legs with all that hair. It is imperative we are doing it cautiously, so we don’t tear the stockings. Okay, now adjust your pecker in the crotch. Nice, you look very sexy in them. By the look on your face, you are feeling very sexy as well. This sensual domination goddess time is going very well! Curious to learn more, you should check out my Pantyhose Domination Stories!

So many men are afraid of stigmas, but not you.

You are impressing me as we go further in our adventure. Not all men are ready for my sensual domination goddess time. The fact that I am using my items of lingerie freaking them out, worried it makes them less than a man, but that isn’t the case at all. If anything, they are stronger men for not caring and throwing caution to the wind!

Consequently, I need a real man who can meet me at my level. You seem to be that guy and I am very happy to see that. It isn’t easy and requires a lot of strength to allow a strong woman to be in charge. You, however, see the benefits of the process and know in the end, you’re going to explode with the biggest nut ever!

During my hot phone sex, I am not only providing pleasure to you, but I am also learning and growing from your fetishes. It is so wonderful and you are so giving. Sharing your world with me, allowing me to know all about you. What a great gift it is for me. Do you have any more secrets that you are ready to share? I am here to listen.