Planning the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience for You

Ultimate Girlfriend Experience, being cooped up at home during this pandemic has given me lockdown cabin fever! I’m craving some adventure and I miss being able to travel whenever I’d like. That’s why I’ve been fantasizing about creating the ultimate girlfriend experience trip to the Red Light District of Amsterdam and I want to bring you with me.  

First, we will travel first class and drink the finest champagne the airline has to offer on the flight across the pond. Then, we will check-in to our posh boutique hotel in the De Wallen city center where the provocative window brothels have legal prostitutes on full display in their skimpiest outfits. 

Let’s Recover from Jetlag in a Steamy Bubble Bath 

Once we check-in to the hotel we will need some time to recover from jetlag. So, I will start a nice hot bubble bath for both of us to soak in. We will sit in the large two-person tub surrounded by bubbles and steamy mirrors. I will lean back against your body and you can caress my full, slippery DDs and lightly squeeze my hard nipples. We will kiss passionately until the water starts to cool, but no sex just yet. I want to build up to the amazing night I have planned because there’s a special surprise for you at the end of the night. This trip is all about you and giving you the ultimate girlfriend experience. I want you to be wined and dined for a change. 

I will dress in your favorite outfit of course, the one that always makes you the envy of the men who pass us. As the sun begins setting below the Dutch city, we will take a stroll hand-in-hand along the cobblestone streets. We will stop on one of the many bridges that cross over the canals and admire the pink sunset. I’ll let you slip a hand under my skirt and grab a hold of my bare firm ass cheek just to keep your blood bubbling. You’ll get hard knowing that you’re in for a treat at the end of the night. 

Follow me to a Live Sex Show

One of the many thrills Amsterdam has to offer is live sex shows. For the price of a meager admission, you get to watch a couple on stage in a small theater go at it. It’s a bit like performance art, except they’re really fucking for all to see. 

I take you by the hand and lead you into the small theater lined with red velvet walls. We take a seat near the front and the theater fills up quickly. They, obviously, have no problem selling out every show with the curious and the horny. 

The lights dim, electronic music begins, and the curtains are thrown back. We see a young, hot blonde couple laid out on a bed in the middle of the stage. They’re both fully naked and kissing passionately. He stands and the girl immediately kneels in front of him and gives him a very enthusiastic blow job, the crowd cheers her on. Then he lays back down on the bed and she rides his cock, her ass facing the crowd. We watch as his huge cock goes in and out of this petite girl. The crowd stirs, everyone is horned up and excited. I place my hand on your thigh and squeeze your inner thigh gently. I notice you’re rock hard and it turns me on to see you enjoying your ultimate girlfriend experience so much.      

Next, the Red Light District

Another perk of Amsterdam is the legal prostitution offered at the infamous Red Light District. After getting you riled up at the sex show, we walk towards those neon red lights. The sexy girls standing in the windows are scantily clad, offering themselves to you for a pretty penny. I tell you that this is your surprise. The cherry on top of your ultimate girlfriend experience is that you get to pick any girl in the window for us to share tonight. 

You grab me by the ass, pull me close to you and kiss me deeply as I feel your hard cock press against me. You love your surprise. Finally, after taking your time to check out every girl on offer, you choose a busty redhead in a tiny black thong and only glittery pasties covering her nipples. She leads us to a private back room and we all get naked. Of course, we let you call the shots and tell us what to do. Your mind explodes as we both share your cock in every possible way. What an amazing way to wrap up your ultimate girlfriend experience!


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