This Pandemic is giving everyone Lockdown Cabin Fever! 

Being cooped up at home is making everyone stir crazy. I think I can speak for all of us when I say human interaction is essential to keep our sanity. I am not only getting Lockdown Cabin Fever from regular human interaction, but from getting my regular sex fix. My huge sexual appetite needs to be satisfied on a regular basis. This whole situation is making this French Slut sex-crazy! Other people in my neighborhood are going crazy too, for supplies. There have been a few break-ins in the area and their stealing, not jewelry and electronics, but food and toilet paper. I have plenty of those things, what I need is sexual healing. So, it looks like I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.

I love talking to you on the phone while we practice social distancing sex, it’s been amazing but now I need a real dick to penetrate me. My dildos are just not enough! My new neighbor across the street is a straight hottie. He’s tall and fit with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He reminds me of a young Brad Pitt. Yes, please!! I’ve been keeping tabs on him in between Netflix binges and morning jogs. Gotta keep that figure tight- pandemic or no pandemic! It seems like he hasn’t left his house at all during the lockdown. He’s being a good little quarantine bitch. I’ve been good too so I figure if we both haven’t had contact with anyone else, we should be safe to get it on, right? I think I’m willing to take the risk.

Breaking and… Entering. (wink, wink) 

Brad Pitt Jr. tortures me by taking out the garbage with his shirt off and lifting weights with the garage door open for all to see. I consider that an invitation! It’s not just a coincidence that he happens to always be looking out the window when I’m coming back from my jog. I know he loves watching my ass in those skin-tight leggings and seeing my voluptuous chest bouncing up and down.

Tonight is the night. I’ll do the breaking in but I hope he does the entering. I figure he must have Lockdown Cabin Fever too and will enjoy my surprise visit. I doubt he would let me in willingly since we should stay six feet apart. So, I’ll just have to let myself in.

Now that I’ve made up my mind, I wait impatiently for the sun to go down. I busy myself by getting all dolled up. It’s kind of like our first date, after all. I take a long hot bath to relax and fantasize about finally getting the sex fix I am craving. Then, I rub lotion all over my naked body and now every inch of me is silky smooth to the touch. Next, I dress in my finest white lace French lingerie, matching silk white robe and strappy stilettos. I curl my blonde locks and put on a little makeup. Then, I admire myself in the full-length mirror. I look like your dream French whore. 

Sex is my Cure for Lockdown Cabin Fever 

I walk across the street and brazenly go right for the garage door handle. Sure enough, it’s unlocked. I quietly lift the door then close it behind me. My heels click-clack in the garage and I try my hardest to walk slowly but my heart is racing. I try the door that leads into the house and that’s unlocked too. Wow, this guy is very trusting. I enter the house and I hear a TV on in the living room. Cautiously, I make my way over and I see that this gorgeous male specimen fell asleep on the couch in just his boxer shorts watching some new release he illegally downloaded. 

I kneel down beside him and begin to massage down the middle of his chest, making my way to what I want most. He wakes up startled. “It’s ok,” I told him, “I’m not here to steal your toilet paper.” He laughed and calmed down realizing I was the blonde bombshell from across the street. I leaned in and kissed him softly. “Am I dreaming?” he asked incredulously. “Maybe, do I look like your dream girl?” I asked as my hand made its way down to his stiff cock. All he could do was nod. 

I took complete control and deepthroated his cock until he was close to cumming. Then rode him like I had been locked up in my house for weeks and starving for cock. Just like I predicted, he loved my surprise visit and didn’t mention anything about staying six feet apart.

Do you have Lockdown Cabin Fever? Are you craving sweet pussy as much as I was craving cock? Call me so we can create our own phone sex porn!