Ultimate GFE Over the Holidays– Just What the (Sexy) Doc Ordered! (Part II)

Ultimate GFE? GFE phone sex? Who doesn’t want that?? The perfect girlfriend – sexy, smart, loving, caring… Or how does it go again? An angel in the kitchen, a whore in the bedroom, and a lady in the living room? Look no more, my horny boys and men… You’ve found Carmen for the ultimate GFE phone sex!

An Angel in the Kitchen

My dirty imagination doesn’t stop in the bedroom. This horny little sex-craved cumslut enjoys all types of dishes, and I’m not afraid of being creative… As you can tell from my dirty sex stories involving cum-filled doughnuts! I have tons of filthy secrets and saucy recipes that will just leave you wanting more and more!

Or maybe you’re craving strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate? Let’s play a game, you and I. I’ll lick off whatever body parts you cover with whatever succulent concoction we make.

And perhaps you’re not afraid of me sitting on your face and filling your mouth a stream of sweet-tasting squirting juice?

A Whore in the Bedroom

The Ultimate GFE with me certainly tackles sex from all angles. What is it that you crave, my darling? Anal? Stockings and lingerie? Handcuffs? Perhaps you want to e-xxx-plore your darker, naughtier thoughts? You tell me!

And don’t worry, I have no problems sharing your cock with one of my sexy girlfriend… or two or three? How many pairs of large, bouncy tits can you handle all at once?

A Lady in the Living Room

Don’t worry, baby – I’ll always make you proud. I’m the sweet girl your mother will love, and I’m the hot girl your friends will want to fuck.

And whenever it’s just you and I, sweetheart, I promise to make you laugh with my nerdy side and make your day a whole of a lot better!

Carmen is the Ultimate GFE

Call me after the company holiday party and let me give you a long and sloppy blowjob. You thought all night about how nice it would be to have your cock sucked in the coat closet. Guess what? We can make all of that a reality for you. Virtual sex has never been better with the Ultimate GFE. I always make sure my man goes to bed with a smile on his face.

French Whore Carmen