The Ultimate Gagging Game. An Open Invitation!

Have you ever experienced the ultimate gagging game? Well, every once in a great while, you happen upon something cumpletely unexpected. Something that thrills and titillates you, and it’s quite a surprise. I discovered a love for Gagging…Most specifically, what my lover calls, the ultimate gagging game. Yeah. You heard me! Gagging, choking, drooling, spittle splashing, air-constricting…gagging! I’m talking about a near fight for my life, cum squirting, pussy throbbing, 50 Shades kind of fucking kinky. YES, PLEASE to the naughty boy!

My new Master was always kind, even when he spanked my cute little ass and turned it every shade of crimson as possible. He licked, kissed, rubbed, and caressed me at every level. And always, his love showed; even through the pain. His favorite, and now mine, was the ultimate gagging game.  It began innocently, but I quickly saw how his erection grew, just at the touching of my throat.

What happens during the ultimate gagging game?

Okay. Let me hit the rewind button. It all started about a month back, when I came over for dinner. Things were status quo and as I was loading his dishwasher, I felt him move up behind me and lowered a blindfold over my eyes. I giggled at the new game. He was always an exciting lover. His hands caressed my ass, running his fingers up the crack of my ass over my clothing.  My breath caught in my throat and it was on!

He spun me around to face him, but with the blindfold mask on, everything was in shadow at best.  He lifted me into his arms and began the short walk to the room we used for wild, untamed fucking. There were all of his tools. Things he’d carefully concealed from me for the time we had been exclusively dating. He had the whole Bondage, a wall of leather whips and pullies, clamps and things I’d never even heard of…let alone seen…up close.

I love the ultimate gagging game!

In his secret love room, he had his way with me…every way he ever imagined, he found that I was a most willing participant. In this place, I learned the pleasures of edging. Cumming so very close to the edge of the abyss and backing off, again and again. I learned to apply the silver rings to his cock and balls for the torture he so enjoyed at my hand. Together, we spanked and fucked in the most delicious ways ever. Of course, with a hint of some fucked up pain. Haha!

Once, he had the ball-gag mask wrapped around my head and I was in a state of sensory deprivation…it was shoved so deep into my mouth it was like his cock…times ten! But, keep in mind, I could see nothing, could barely hear around the latex of the mask…and I was choking, gagging to the point of unnatural delight. My own spittle ran down and over my chin to pool on the floor in front of me.

A Little Rough with the Ultimate Gagging Game.

His hand wrapped around my throat, so he could feel his rock-hard cock sliding down! He thrust and pumped that fatty down my throat until I nearly passed out! Moreover, I’m sure the only thing that brought him back from his revelry was remembering that Orange is NOT the New Black! Furthermore, after the ultimate gagging game he always lifts the blindfold…Most of the time I find myself all alone with him.  But, there were the times when he lifted my mask and I found myself in a room full of men. So, finding out that the entire time I was being gagged and thinking I am alone with my Master, that I had actually “serviced” an entire room full of his friends was humiliating and hot as fuck!

So, how often do we play the ultimate gagging game? Wouldn’t YOU like to know!?! He’s quite the exhibitionist. I’ll teach you how to have phone sex! Plus, I doubt seriously if he would mind me telling you all about him! Call me, and let me spill some tea on that whole situation! Giggle


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